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A Matter of Labels

Delphie What do you do when you have five minutes free while working on a Sunday ? Go to the bookshop at the train station and check out what new magazines they have in store. And as far as we remember, only French Elle and a couple more french glossies with no guarantee to find a nice one. Though, this week's Elle was pretty interesting (visually, as we haven't read one word yet). Most interesting part was probably their "new faces" topic, called "future top models". A bit awkward, of course, but always raising some interesting... [Lire la suite]

Martina's Masterpiece

  Martina Correa @ New York Models (NY) The whole issue is awesome (the price gets lower, the contents get more expensive) but if we have to be completely honest, we bought it only for Martina Correa. Huge all-time favorite of ours and one of the most talented model of her generation, one of the most unique-looking as well, we were waiting for this moment for a little while already. We heard of something going on with her yet it remained uncertain until we had the magazine in our hands. See the UK Elle fonts, the editorial... [Lire la suite]
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Hyper-realist fairy tale: Myf # 101

  Myf Shepherd @ Next It's not the first time you see Myf on this page. You might have seen her even recently as she has an editorial in current Mixte. She's also in the newest issue of Numéro. 101. Shot by Matthias Vriens. The gloomy countryside looks like a fantastic playground for Myf, playing seriously. Strange atmosphere and light, timeless pictures like in a hyper-realist fairy tale. Plenty of details yet impossible to tell why they are here, striking some strange poses, the vibe of the last days of the summer oddly... [Lire la suite]
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