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Playing Fashion issues N°1 to 5 It's official yet still playful, Playing Fashion plays monthly as the first magazine of its kind in Ukraine. Journalists, designers, photographers, stylists, models and undescribable artists with a vision are invited to play in that glossy open space where visual statement is the key word and almost nothing else matters. playing has never been so serious but still playful, taking a look at what it means to be an individual in a standardized society.So let's imagine a gorgeous glossy newspaper (well a... [Lire la suite]
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A Short Story Gone Long

  Irina Shipunova @ AL Models Today's first story (okay, it's already late in the afternoon but some things definitely take more time than others) is dedicated to Irina Shipunova, after working on her topic for a few days already. You might think it's not that complicated to put a few pictures, a few polas and five to ten lines of text explaining why we like her and where she comes from/goes to. It doesn't take that much, indeed, if we stick to simple facts or just want to introduce the girl. A few pics, few lines and basta. If... [Lire la suite]
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Veranika @ AL Models, Ford (NY) Had to share that, needed to post it for personal and more general reasons. For everything to make sense next week and to leave with strong materials for this long weekend. We would have several possibilites, several potentially thrilling features to end the day but Maxim Repin's video featuring Veranika Antsipava in a way you've never seen her before. If the model/photographer combo seems an obvious match, the choice of Veranika for that type of atmosphere sounds like a less easy idea and you'll learn... [Lire la suite]
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On and On, All in All

Lais Ribeiro @ Joy Star System, Joy Model Management (Sao Paulo), Women Management (NY) Finally. We have our opportunity to drop a few lines on Lais Ribeiro. We were watching her, day in day out since she appeared at her mother agency, Joy Star System. Obvious beauty, too striking not to get noticed in a glimpse yet seemed to came out of nowhere. So quick, so unexpected and so expectable at the same time as great debuts can be. We just had enough time to think of featuring her and she was already signed with Women, New York. And... [Lire la suite]

TMSRRE part 5: Mirte

  Mirte Maas @ Women (NY) Women NY boosted her book and she was ready for the victory. Ready to walk, run and even fly if we have a look at her Spring 2010 bookings so far. A quick one is enough to get it: she books selective shows only but the number is raising every day with new names on her flawless showlist. Yesterday you could add Marc Jacobs on it and few hours earlier she opened Donna Karan. And two days before she opened another highly watched runway, Alexander Wang. Enough power here to drop a few lines even if we... [Lire la suite]
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Boost that Book

Mirte Maas @ Women (NY) The girl who holds her head in a very singular way, with that expression telling you straight ahead "I dare you to look better than I do". Or maybe that's just an impression and the power of pictures making its effect. Truth is that Mirte is one of the most incredibly lovely model in town (NY this time, London last time) who drives everybody crazy from clients to creative. It took her a couple of days only to build a tremedous book with the help of some of our favorite photographers: Maxim Repin (first... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Isabelle !

  Isabelle Nicolay @ Ford (NY) Isabelle is 5'8"5 and is one of our favorite newcomers (among many others, actually) at Ford Models, NY. She was found via Ford's internet scouting tool and speaks fluently as she's half-French. She's brand new but her skills are pretty impressive. Talented. Born to model ? At least we can swear we're watching the birth of a model. Her ability to express feelings on picture leaves us speechless and her palette of emotions looks endless. What else ? Everything else can be seen on Maxim Repin's... [Lire la suite]
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Oh we feel (she's for real)

      Victoria Anderson @ DNA (NY) Victoria Anderson. Last time we featured her was probably with some editorial pieces by Ben Watts from some magazines we don't remember the name (but good ones for sure). Now her latest pictures are just released, shot by Maxim Repin who was utterly impressed by the girl (5'9, impish gaze, unusual look). Some soft-rocking poses, fierce and distant expressions in front of his camera and the magic works for real. Careers take some time for sure but when time is on your side...
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A Very Serious Game

Toma Barkova @ Women (NY), Avant (Russia) Since she got rid of her braces, we heard she can't stop smiling. And we totally understand. Now, we would simply fall for a polaroid sheet of Toma with a huge smile upon her face. As far as we know, this might happen and we truly hope so but at this minute our latest love from Toma's portfolio is her new test by Maxim Repin. Styled with the help of James Tinnelly's very own bag of clothes. With Maxim's ability to capture a model's attitude and turn it into an atmosphere, this new... [Lire la suite]
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The crackling in our heads said it's now

Charlotte Pallister @ DNA (NY) When we quickly saw her last March during fashion week in Paris it was like a fast blast of the past. And a quick glimpse into the future. Near future ? The future is now and in NY. Charlotte is signed with DNA and has recently refreshed her portfolio with some of the most promising photographers of their era. Including this series by Maxim Repin who was already featured here with his tests shots of Jana Kay and Sacha Blue, both at IMG.  Capturing the girls' very personal potential isn't... [Lire la suite]
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