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Yesterday we said weekly and today it seems even daily, talking about the rythm of our posts dedicated to Jonathan Leder. But this has never stopped us, it never gets repetitive when the visuals are good and when the inspiration comes along. We never thought we would sound biased either, just being supportive of photographers we love as we love them for what they do and what their work does for us. Words just go by, almost straight from our minds to the screen via our fingers literally dancing on the keyboard. Let the music... [Lire la suite]
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  Megan McNierney @ Vision (Minneapolis), Marilyn (NY) Megan is a perennial favorite of ours and we wouldn't miss an opportunity to drop a few little lines about her, about her recent work. For nothing in this world we would miss it and this time the oppotunity was made of gold. It's Resort collections, it smells like summertime. It's light-hearted creativity all over the fashion world and castings needed some faces who are able to embody that vibe. Miuccia offered us a few visual thrills in her latest Prada and Miu Miu shows... [Lire la suite]
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The Orphanage

 Megan McNierney @ Marilyn (NY) We love our latest issue of Double. And we love it for this marvelous editorial featuring Megan McNierney. Actually we love Megan. Love the sweetness, the shyness. The freckles. She's not eye-catching, she's not the one who will immediately stand out. She stands out by her editorial work, her personal way to play with this soft beauty that sometimes makes other models look too plain. This soft beauty without even being a tad impish neither looking like a porcelain doll. A bit child-like... [Lire la suite]
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