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      Melodie @ Wilhelmina (NY) and Anais @ Ford (NY) Sometimes you say too much, sometimes not enough. Same here, sometimes we write too much and sometimes words are simply lacking. Words are friends some days and enemies the next morning and all this vicious circle makes hard to find the right balance. Trying to, though and we guess it happens we work it out. Drop by drop, fighting sleepless nights and meaningless dreams with the best sides of our imagination, maybe that's where the path starts and it's up to us to... [Lire la suite]
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This Ain't No Technological Breakdown, This Is The Road [...]

  Pauline @ Marilyn (NY) It was quite a hard task to find an editorial topic for the end of this week. Not that the materials were lacking, many things to put our eys on (then off) but was never easy to pick some visuals that go hand in hand with our current inspirations or states of mind. So, had to check and double-check, take ideas where we found them and adapt them to the current editorial pages we found interesting enough to show right now. And it's definitely the last part of the sentence that make sense. Everything (or... [Lire la suite]

Enough Is Never Enough

      Melodie Monrose @ Wilhelmina (NY) We already talked about this topic a few days ago, the meaning of 'doing well' in modeling during a show season and if it's still difficult to find a proper universal answer, there still might be some individual definitions for these words. Obvious and natural, and models who perfectly embody such a definition. You can certainly count Melodie Monrose among them, as the young lady just finished a fabulous season launched by Wilhelmina in New York last month (Marc Jacobs, Max... [Lire la suite]
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