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    Lisanne @ Micha Models (The Netherlands) As fast as lightning and as quiet as blue sky on a summer day (it's only Spring and it's cloudy and windy now at that's not that bad): first time in a while we do it this way and want to see a sign, a little light and the end of the tunnel. We made the decision to feature Lisanne as soon as we got the materials in our mails and it hasn't been very usual lately. Not that others wouldn't have deserved it too and it could be more for the sake of the exercise than to mark she is that... [Lire la suite]
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Secret Smile

Laura @ Micha Models (The Netherlands) She has... a secret smile. Let's cut the chase and put it straight, there is something absolutely mysterious about Laura, newest of the newcomers at Micha Models (twice in a row). Can you feel it? Can't you see it? Secret smile. In the eyes and on her lips, some kind of personal vibe that keeps your eyes looking at her pictures, taken by Yorick Nubé (also featured twice on our space this week). And probably his very natural style and the importance he puts in really portraying his models play... [Lire la suite]
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The Ringing Of Your Laughter

      Jamilla @ Micha Models (The Netherlands) This game can't last forever. Why? Because everything needs to end or transform. Morph. And who knows in which form FDIB will morph tomorrow. Happy mood on one hand, bittersweet on the other. And who knows (God knows?) what will be the ending. Hope for some fireworks but somehow we are still far enough from the end not to think or talk about it. And here comes Jamilla from Micha Models, in the Netherlands. Here comes another Dutch blondie that doesn't look like other dutch... [Lire la suite]
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Love and Luck

        Bregje Heinen @ Micha Models (The Netherlands), Select (London), Supreme (NY), Women (Milan) There are these days you wonder if emotions are your friends or foes and can't find a proper answer, some days you wish it was all mild and calm, that you were flowing on your feelings instead of being carried by the flood. If there one fashion story (beauty story for that matter) which really materialise this impression, that would be Bregje's latest spread in Glass Magazine, third issue. Opened by a close-up shot... [Lire la suite]
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Caitlin's Eyes

Caitlin @ Micha Models (The Netherlands) Time went by since we first featured Caitlin, freckly beauty from Micha Models and time went by since our last Redhead Love entry as well. So, it is not only a warmly welcome post but almost a necessity for us as writers. Caitlin's career took off slowly yet steadily, relentlessly adding interesting editorial pieces to her book both at home and abroad. If her red hair and freckles are obvious highlights, that power in prints might come from another ingredient of her potential: the eyes.... [Lire la suite]
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That Bregje Girl

        Bregje Heinen @ Micha (The Netherlands), Women (Paris, Milan), Women Direct (NY) Memories from last seasons: one image in mind -- Bregje leaving the tent in the Jardin des Tuileries -- and one sentence -- "it's incredible, this girl works everyday", pronounced by a booker from another agency than hers. Good memories, then, good season for her as well. And Bregje seems to be unable to hang out after such a good international starts. Both runways and glossy pages can't get enough of her and this months she's... [Lire la suite]

I am She as You are She as You are Me and We are all Together

Alexandra & Caroline Clot @ Micha Models (The Netherlands) Dutch agencies seem to reach another level again, always in the spotlights for months already and making headlines almost every single week on some models-focused websites. Tjarda launched Anniek who's waiting for her first editorial pieces that should be stunning, Models in Company found good homes abroad for their most fabulous newbies, Code keeps the level at Nimue's height and SPS is relentlessly developing their golden girlies worldwide. Now comes Micha with... [Lire la suite]
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Shining (Twice as bright as any other light)

Alexandra Clot and Caroline Clot @ Micha Models (The Netherlands), Ford (Paris) So happy to see these three pictures arrive in an email this evening. Reminds us of Paris, last week. Our trip was definitely too short, not enough time to meet with everyone we had planned to. We only met one photographer and it was probably not enough at all. But we were so luck it was Jessie Craig and had a very good time for this model/photography breakfast on last wednesday morning. Nice time and nice talk, inspiring words. Including a few ones... [Lire la suite]
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Latest Lexposed Faces

Wanessa Milhomem @ Select (London)Bregje Heinen @ Women Direct (NY) We're passionate about their present and their future is promising, that's partly why they are our latest Lexposed Faces, just added this week. They have different looks, they have the same level of intensity, they have unique faces and they're just starting to make their strong marks on the fashion scene. Check out for more of our darling Wanessa and Micha's marvel Bregje tonight, speak tomorrow.
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Meet Merel !

Merel @ Micha Models (The Netherlands) We don't often feature a girl so early in her career but we thought you should be aware that Merel has just signed with Micha Models in Amsterdam. It's good to remember it and always good to keep track of the young sprouts. Follow up and follow on. So, Merel is brand new and quite young and we can't tell you when will be next update but her obvious potential, fresh face and the fact she's already 175 (5'8"5) made her impossible to overlooks. She deserved an intro and deserves some... [Lire la suite]
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