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The 2 2 Watch

      Madeleine Lundmark @ FM (London) High season, low season and in between, the latter being the most interesting to us when all the agencies of all four cities are getting their new "weapons" ready for the victory. Everyone has his own recipe, every idea is good to hear and every strategy has its advantages. It's no secret we particularly appreciate the work done at FM Models in London, it's not surprise then to see two girls from them being featured here again. And we've got a few good reasons to be excited about... [Lire la suite]
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The Third Girl

      Siri Crafoord @ Joy (Milan) Just the way we said yesterday, it shouldn't take too much time before Joy updates us on the third girl in Amica's casting. If you took a close look at the previous set of pictures, you might have noticed the name Siri is mentioned on some pages so here comes Siri. But neither Siri Tollerod (also with Joy) nor Siri Laude (with Modelwerk). Siri Crafoord, from Mikas in Stockholm and signed with Viva as well. Meet the third girl, who deserved her spot here and much as her two co-stars of... [Lire la suite]
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Ghost Track that brings the Swing Back

      Sandrah Hellberg @ Mikas (Sweden) We haven't been able to pick our copy of Dealer de Luxe yet but we'll add it to our shopping-list in bold red underlined in fluorescent yellow. As always, after all, as the square glossy is one of our usual must buy. We can already offer you a quick preview of the editorial jewels you'll find inside this Fall, though. A short story with ghostly light by photographers Waldemar & Max, a combo made of Waldemar Hansson and Max Modén (we also invite you to have a look at... [Lire la suite]
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The sun will shine

 Elsa Sylvan @ Mikas (Sweden), Viva (Paris), DNA (NY) Summer is sooner that you would guess looking through the window. The sky is grey but the wind is warm. We don't know why... there's such a summery vibe in Elsa Sylvan. In her look and probably in the editorials she's done so far. From our beloved - and obviously summery - story from Dealer de Luxe to her more recent work for Numéro, Perfect and Tank (above) there's something sweet as a summer breeze. It's maybe her features which appeal to a certain type of styling using... [Lire la suite]
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