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  It looks like a never-ending story: Viktoriya Sasonkina's pictures. One by one or story after story, there's no place for any bad stuff, not even a single shot. Last example we have is these nine marvels by Mike Kobal (also see his story in Standard, pictures below). More than ever, it's the right moment to watch what's coming next in such an exciting beginning in New York. Time will tell, but in the fashion industry time is always running faster and faster. All you can do is to open your eyes and fasten your... [Lire la suite]
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Press review !

      Eugenia Vidal by Detlef Schneider, styled by Tamara Rothstein My favorite Supreme girl is in the latest issue of Qvest (the issue with Irina Lazareanu on the cover and twice in editorials). I was ecstatic in the bookshop when I discovered Eugenia was inside, I had a big, big smile and was holding the magazine in my arms the same way I would have done with a treasure. Actually I had found a treasure, she’s a treasure, a rough diamond with her heartbreaking slight smile on her face contrasting... [Lire la suite]