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Marleen @ Fresh Rosanne @ Bloom Ronja @ Future Faces Mirte Maas @ Women It was a dirty dream come true ! That may ring a bell to some of  you. Not a regular feature though, as we are just celebrating the meeting of the amazing gang of our Fucked Up friends and our beloved Dutch photographer Yorick Nube for a  straight- forward exchange. Let's embrace the electric FUC mood and spread the love, the sun means a lot to him.  (...)FUC: What’s the most fucked-up experience you had during one of your... [Lire la suite]
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Upside-Down (Balenciaga-Blogging)

  Mirte Maas, Patrica Van Der Vliet and Alla Kostromicheva @ Union (London) Union Models is blogging too and if you didn't know about it, take a look and the first of entries of years on their blog. First topics are indeed worth to remember as they are dedicated to the agency's brightest stars: Mirte Maas (also with Women), Alla Kostromicheva (also with Women Direct) and Patricia Van Der Vliet (also with New York Models and Nathalie). Such a gorgeous team... who achieved some big things on glossy paper these day,... [Lire la suite]

TMSRRE part 5: Mirte

  Mirte Maas @ Women (NY) Women NY boosted her book and she was ready for the victory. Ready to walk, run and even fly if we have a look at her Spring 2010 bookings so far. A quick one is enough to get it: she books selective shows only but the number is raising every day with new names on her flawless showlist. Yesterday you could add Marc Jacobs on it and few hours earlier she opened Donna Karan. And two days before she opened another highly watched runway, Alexander Wang. Enough power here to drop a few lines even if we... [Lire la suite]
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Boost that Book

Mirte Maas @ Women (NY) The girl who holds her head in a very singular way, with that expression telling you straight ahead "I dare you to look better than I do". Or maybe that's just an impression and the power of pictures making its effect. Truth is that Mirte is one of the most incredibly lovely model in town (NY this time, London last time) who drives everybody crazy from clients to creative. It took her a couple of days only to build a tremedous book with the help of some of our favorite photographers: Maxim Repin (first... [Lire la suite]
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Wanted: Mirte

        Mirte Maas @ Union (London) A breeze of fresh air from London. The room is getting awfully warm here and coffee is flowing non-stop since 8am. Typical friday, usual rush and the good surprises that change the whole schedule when they hit our mail inbox. Today it's Mirte, who's working hard with Union Models in London. We should rather stay tuned for an editorial galore (editorial frenzy?) in the upcoming months. Mirte (Dutch and delicate, 5'10 and from MTA) is shooting everything a girl should shoot and... [Lire la suite]
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