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A supplement of soul

Luize Salmgrieze @ Viva (Paris), Women Direct (NY) Luize. From the untouch new face a few times ago to the talented young woman of today. Incredible. The way she improved, the way she creates characters, her playful way to pose and look at the camera. Step by step, steadfast and on the right slope. Latest pieces of her roster include this editorial above, from the last Mixte ever shot by Jacob Sutton (styled by Celestine Cooney) and another one in new issue of Elle UK by Thomas Nutzl. Talk about a new Luize wave. Editorial... [Lire la suite]
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You're the first, you're the last

Regina Feoktistova @ Nathalie (Paris) It's her first editorial since she joined Women NY (well, it has nothing to do with it as this new story was booked by Nathalie in Paris) and unfortunately it's the last time we see her in Mixte. It's the last issue of Mixte, one of the saddest magazine moment of this year. At least this 64th issue is gorgeous. Royal. Royal casting, royal contents, amazing team. We'll miss it and to be completely honest, we already miss it. The thrill of the first look, the smell of the paper and to know... [Lire la suite]
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The taste of Cherry Chapstick

  Laura Blokhina @ Viva (Paris), Viva (London), Why Not (Milan), DNA (NY) She didn't break record this season on the runway but she's safe and steady in her editorial career. Safe ? Rather say daring as her work is often tongue-in-cheek and visually striking. As her latest piece in current Mixte by Txema Yeste, style by Francesco Sourigues. Seems the mag likes her and even more. Actually to book her once for an editorial is to love her and magazines remain faithful to Laura, issue after issue. That's no wonder when... [Lire la suite]
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Evelina is everywhere

Evelina Mambetova @ Supreme (NY), Premier (London), Women (Milan), Women (Paris) Evelina is everywhere. It might be too much in itself and far from enough for a title but truth is that Evelina is everywhere, everywhere she has to be. Not where she doesn't need to appear, just where she has a chance to shine. Her beauty is too unique for any common path, she had to go out of the beaten tracks to find her way and set her pace. Her own one, going her own way, making her own marks. Both on the runways and in magazines. She won't take the... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 9: Imogen

  Imogen Morris-Clarke @ Next Apple juice and cherry-flavored bubble-gum. Taste of today. Looking like a paper-doll with huge melancholic eyes, Imogen has left such an unusual mark all over the week from the most obvious bookings to much more suprising ones. Natural choice at Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti, United Bamboo, DKNY, Erin Fetherston or 3.1 Philip Lim, she was a less expect one for the likes of BCBG Max Azria or Carolina Herrera. All in all, she was simply perfect for any of them, proving that her very own look... [Lire la suite]
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Riding on jelly swans

Zuzana Gregorova @ Viva (Paris), Viva (London) Fever and strange dreams, walking in a fantastic novel across jelly swans swimming by as the river flows. Sounds like a dream and was a dream. Well, it's already said above and clearly seems to have nothing to do with Zuzana. Or better say Zuzana brought us back to reality and kept us away for early-wintertime days nailed to bed waiting for the fever - and the swans - to go away. Delirious. A quick walk on a cold wednesday afternoon. A warm bookshop full of newly released magazines,... [Lire la suite]
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