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Pole Proposition

    Karolina @ Model+ (Poland) The "mainboard-appeal" might be the next concept to consider. At time were new faces aren't picked for the sake of having the freshest, a new girl having what it takes to build a career leading her to the agency's mainboard within a couple of season is becoming the model of her moment. The place got too overcrowded after seeing a relentless flow of fresh faces arriving every season and lasting-power has everything to be today's and even tomorrow's key word. Models who have... [Lire la suite]
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Relax, Baby, Everything will turn out fine...

    Shall we call it a soft comeback or simply admit that modelling careers are going high then low, easy come-easy go, these days ? We'd go for the second option without hesitating. Things aren't as linear as they could seem before, careers are getting more complicated to follow and almost every single model has to choose between her work and school duties at least two times a year. When you put all these criterias together, it becomes impossible to judge if a girl is really on the right slope or not. You can take a deep... [Lire la suite]
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We're No Geeks Anymore

          Charlotte @ Model Plus (Poland) and Karolina Mikolajczyk @ D'Vision (Poland) Latest issue of K Magazine was completely stolen by photographer Lukasz Zietek who shot the cover, this editorial styled by Aleksandra Kintop above plus a male model story and the computer theme was perfect for his own inspirations like Radiohead and the Internet. Waves and vibes, speed of sound and light. And speed of life in general as time doesn't have time anymore just to pass by. Running, running. The two girls are... [Lire la suite]

Meet Ania !

      Ania Hut @ Model+ (Poland) Let's change the mood while the sun hides behind a lonely cloud. From brunettes with brows we go to Ania Hut, strawberry blonde with light eyebrows. She's bringing the drama as well and as high but in a totally different way. She's quite poised yet definitely not too much to kill this slighlty rebellious gaze she has on her polas. Model+ is already well know for a couple of Polish jewels from Malgosia to Marcelina via Magdalena. Ania's got her place among this special team.... [Lire la suite]
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