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Look Smart, Don't Look Back

    Alina @ Model's International (NY) The atmosphere smells like the end of another Summer, sweet days and smooth wind... and soon trees will go mahogany again, leaves will be flying lazily while the typical Fall frenzy will go wild. The atmosphere is a bit the same in Alina's two editorials by Jamie Nelson, published in Oyster (two rows in the middle) and Zink. First days of frenzy with more magazines out at the bookstores and fashion weeks around the corner. Special weather, special feeling... something in... [Lire la suite]
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Wanted: Megan

Megan Hostetter @ Models International (NY) Some realities may never cross but some girls are able to take the best of both worlds, mixing different kinds of beauty in one as the  ingredients of their appeal. Playing with the usual borders of classic beauty, making hers those typical features and turning clichés upside-down. Megan seems to be specialized in all this, creating her own vibe with various pieces of different aesthetics. Do we have to talk about her intense brown hair contrasting with delicate freckles ? Or shall... [Lire la suite]
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Enthusiasm at the End of the Day

      Chelsea Strobl @ Models International (NY) First time we heard of Chelsea Strobl was one or two months ago. We discovered her via her mother agency's blog and she's actually one of the stellar specimens at Stellar by Specimen Model Management. Blond, youthful, American. These were the first words, the first thoughts that crossed our minds. And a great girl among a few others. Though, she already seemed to be the one who caught a little more attention. It was quite intriguing, we were trying the catch the wave... [Lire la suite]
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