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    Paulina Rademacher @ Modelwerk (Germany) At the crossroads of his work for a model agency and his geniune love for photography, Sebastian Koeller seems to be driven by one thing: creativity. Or maybe three things after all, as you could add passion and inspiration on the list. This connection between two 'jobs' is a gift for anyone aiming to create something that makes sense when you put all the pieces of the puzzle together, a unique opportunity when you're creating your own vision. For his first entry as a... [Lire la suite]
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Last Minute

      Anne Peck @ Modelwerk (Germany) We were working on longer topics all day plus fixing all details before fashion weeks start in seven days or so and a last minute arrival of pictures changed our plans a little. Just a little, though, as it's always like a refreshing break for our overloaded minds to dedicate twenty or thirty minutes writing an express feature. News arrived from London via Hamburg when Modelwerk forwarded us the latest materials from their upcoming blond lady, Anne Peck. Shot on the... [Lire la suite]
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Winning Back The Crown

      Anne Sophie Monrad @ Modelwerk (Germany) Did the indie vibe already fade away and got old before maturing? Or was it a well-performed answer from the good-old factories proving in four days their ability to strike back as fast as lightnings? A lack of energy on one side or a new era starting on the other? All we see is that experience works only with wisdom and attacking back on the map needs power to fuel this kind of fire. We're not going to comment more than these abstract lines on Berlin Fashion Week... [Lire la suite]
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Release The Butterfly

    Merethe Hopland @ Joy (Milan), Modelwerk (Hamburg), Elite (London) Sometimes, you know, we are tired of looking like this, you know. Doing what we do, the way we do it. We all need a breathe (or a breeze?) of fresh air to re-energize ourselves and get the necessary strength to move on to new horizons. It often takes a kick, a thrill or whatever (leaving you the choice of the vocable here) to look to the future. Getting back on tracks, back to basics yet never looking back without denying what the legacy of... [Lire la suite]
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Signe's Signature

        Signe @ Modelwerk (Germany), Next (NY) German day today? Might look like it is. German morning, at least and that happened a bit by chance to be honest (and thanks to two german agencies' clever communication). We've been introduced to Signe's unparalleled appeal by Modelwerk a few weeks ago and a short entry would have been a perfect Summer topic for us. She was labeled 'brand new' and 'modeling for a few weeks' at that time. Again, a perfect feature for mid-July or early August, a fresh breeze to spice... [Lire la suite]
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Get and Do Not Forget

        Isabelle Sauer @ Modelwerk (Hamburg) Hello! Do not think we've been sleeping again even if FDIB looked a bit asleep for the last ten days. But that was July, we're in August already. Changing minds, changing moods, taking time to make this right. And looking forward to feeling new thrills come September. Basic story yet we didn't experience it in a basic way, well that's for later and let's just focus on our first girl of August: Ms. Isabelle Sauer from Modelwerk, Germany. That's already a long story... [Lire la suite]
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Aesthetic Shifts

    Lina @ Next (Paris) Thanks to Modelwerk's blog for the introduction and shame on us for not noticing Lina before while we had serious reasons to know her already. We're not really going to lose time with unapropriate apologies and better go straight to the point: she's got it. "It" is always hard to describe and also depends of the eye who finds "it". Ours certainly found it without problem when we had a look at her recent digitals from Next Paris. Not the usual kind of beauty we might have promoted over the last few... [Lire la suite]
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Werk It!

        Anne Sophie Monrad @ Modelwerk (Hamburg) Unlike others who start as a storm on worldwide runways, Anne Sophie Monrad started her career with an editorial strength many catwalk queens would go green to have and that some of them will never ever reach even after seasons. Editorial girl ? The new way to go ? We don't want to make any clear statement on what's right or wrong today for a model starting an international career but one sure thing is we do love the way Anne Sophie did it so far. Editorial galore... [Lire la suite]
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Chillin' Out

        Anne Peck @ Modelwerk (Hamburg) Modelwerk again ? Modelwerk, again. And we guess it won't stop as long as they keep updating us with such high quality materials or breaking news. Rather the first category today as there is no other information to spread than the pictures themselves. Quite relaxing if you ask and we actually seriously need to chill out a little bit. Was a busy week and we don't really need a busy weekend after this. All good, though. All for the best. We met Anne Peck last year (last... [Lire la suite]
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Stairway to Success

Charlotte Nolting @ Modelwerk (Hamburg) Just featured two days ago and couldn't help. But who could resist after seeing her most recent polaroids from Paris (Marilyn) ? Certainly not us and it never hurts to show some support to the models we believe in. We've recently said about Charlotte in a convo with an agent representing her in some other country that she's the kind of girl who never ever takes a bad pictures from early test shots to first editorial steps then back to polaroids. Purplish blue light and these famous stairs,... [Lire la suite]
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