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Take The Chance, For a Brand New Wild Romance

      Lindsey Wixson @ Marilyn (NY) and Nimue Smit @ Women (NY) Mulberry's aesthetic and Tim Walker's visual world are a perfect match and it almost goes without saying. But not without seeing and the new ad campaign didn't fail to catch our attention, featuring Lindsey Wixson and Nimue Smit. It's all light-hearted, full of pastel pink yet radiating true romanticism or in other words: behind the pretty aspect you should find a certain kind of intensity you don't necessarily expect from such pictures. Whether you... [Lire la suite]
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FDIB loves and bookmarks: Jett @ Elite's blog

Jett @ Elite (NY) Most of times, before a season starts we try to gather a few info on the girls we like and consider as serious contenders for the shows. This time we did it less than usual and might have been right in the end. Unpredictable casting choices and newbies out of the blue were the biggest attractions of the week so far. Count Othilia starting out of nowhere at BCBG and keeping the pace at Philosophy a few days later, Alicia Kuczman (on FDIB tonight!!), Coco Young @ Eskimo doing Marc Jacobs on special request,... [Lire la suite]
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