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Next Door, Next Day

      Zhanna @ Muse (NY) Back from a short break that wasn't a break at all, let's just say finding a moment to rest was impossible for us these last three days and writing is a skill that requires a minimum of calm. This grey morning is a little more peaceful and it seems there is nothing to rush about so far. We always insist on "so far" since you never know what's going to happen next fifteen minutes. Pretty much the same as in a model's career. If you make abstraction of the past, you've got two times: now and in a... [Lire la suite]
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Golden Grey

        Dean @ Muse (NY) Were thinking how about the title all afternoon, to give the right tune to this article and finally realised all was in the color. Or colors, or shades. Of grey. Why shall we call these photographs black and white when they are a soft and subtle combination of greys. But that would be a limited analyse to stop here, as it's not only a simple story of color shades. Or rather say their aspect embrace their atmosphere to creat some kind of harmony, visual peace hiding emotions and uncovering... [Lire la suite]
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Again, Again, Again

        Edita Vilkeviciute @ Viva (Paris) Goodbye heartache and good vibrations, some mornings might be terribly cold and waking up such a hard task, you feel good nonetheless. Good energy, good will that usually helps good (hard) work that can bring results. No expectation, though, just enjoying the moment and taking the opportunity of an overload of energy to turn it into something worthy. Between nichromes and models we've been following for years, jumping from one topic to the other but today that seemed... [Lire la suite]
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Midgnight Morphing ? No Way!

      Theresa Genth @ Modelwerk (Germany) People changing at midnight into werewolves, under the pale full-moon light ? Bullshit. Doesn't work that way. If one day you're getting unusually hairy or want to eat the neighbour's dog, you should think about it... you're turning into a lycanthrope. With models makeover, the process is pretty similar. No full-moon and no big bang needed, only a darker tone of hair color to enhance pale skin. Theresa Genth just experienced it. From strawberry-blond hair to a dark auburn... [Lire la suite]
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Anka for President

Anka Khargelia @ President (Russia) Redhead love winds back to us this afternoon and Anka's newest materials from New York are coming just in time to refresh the atmosphere. The weather is getting too heavy and a breath of fresh air was warmly (if we can say so) welcome in our offices. Anka's forever youthful look and mood couldn't be more appropriate and it seems her latest tests agree with us. Quite a prowess, by the way, that they managed to keep her freckles on such elaborated shots. Many others would have airbrushed them... [Lire la suite]
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Four and five

Siri Tollerod @ Joy (Milan), Trump (NY) Second girl from Joy Milan to get a story in one of our favorite magazines. Siri. Another Siri maybe and still the Siri we love, maybe closer to our vision of Siri. Siri Siri Siri. We're not the only to think there is really a lot of unexplored potential, unveiled emotions, things that haven't been seen on glossy paper while they are obvious in backstage. Here you go, follow Hans Feurer in latest issue of Muse. Cuteness and flowers are still there, still sweet and Siri probably won't get rid... [Lire la suite]
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Mamamama... Marloes again

Marloes Horst @ Joy (Milan) We read on the most read fashion forum this morning or yesterday that it was a real emergency to give some editorial job to Marloes. Seems it has already been done as she's in the newest Muse by Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones. The very best timing possible. It's quite good to keep the news coming after walking for Prada. And that's just what's happening now. Already our third entry on Marloes.
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TMSRRE part 3: Ediely

Ediely Scapinello @ Muse (NY) Part three. We don't know how many parts this series will include, we just feel Ediely might be a real milestone. For various reasons. One of them could be that there are only two days left in NY and if those are meant to be among the most suprising of the whole week, there is a remarkable amount of things and facts that can be considered as important enough to be mentinoned in our articles. Ediely's first steps are a part of them. The Brazilian at Muse deserves more than a few lines even if she... [Lire la suite]
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Musing and amusing

Alina Zaharia @ Women (Milan), Muse (NY) Closing D&G last february then appearing on the very picky italian mag Amica's pages three months in a row and just signed with Muse in NY now, Alina Zaharia's rise was both unexpected and unusual. Following in Olga Sherer and Tanya Chubko's footsteps as the red-haired muse of Amica, fitting the atmosphere at D&G yet bringing such a special twist where it's always needed (same shock when they had Anna Kuchkina with bleached brows - in leopard prints, please). Italia's most eccentric... [Lire la suite]
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Couture cutie

Bianca O'Brien @ Muse (NY) The graceful Bianca is ready for a new chapter in her career, signing with Muse in NY. No doubt the sensational strawberry-blonde will fit their very selective, always more intriguing team of models which includes no less than Camille Yi, Ol'ha Honchar, Heidi Rock, Danguole Stancikaite, Georgie Baddiel or Masha Korableva just to name our personal favorites. Bianca's very own personality, full of life with a real sense of style - and humor - will perfectly match Muse's current mood. It's like Couture was... [Lire la suite]
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