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There's no Legend without Controversy

    Myf Shepherd @ Next (Paris) and Katlin Aas @ Marilyn (Paris) Taken from Pop's latest issue, taken in the middle of nowhere it seems, like captured en catimini (by Mark Borthwick, fashionized by Vanessa Reid). Truth is known not to make too much noise but shocks rewrite the sense of truth everytime we need a new definition. Which is often salvatory for people who work around the notion of beauty. Myf Shepherd and Katlin Aas, together on a picture, in the red and yellow rays of light. Two worlds cross within the same... [Lire la suite]
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Far right when you enter the yard

Myf Shepherd @ Next Paradoxes make fashion and fashion creates paradoxes just to break them better. Grandiloquence might be the biggest or at least a very common one. Talking about art is nothing pretentious, talking about romanticism has nothing dull, nothing is never overdone. Truth is always far away but better try to get closer. Working on two different  topics at the same moment definitely helps as much as dizziness from yesterday's birthday party helped to have clearer ideas. That's another paradox, another couple of... [Lire la suite]
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Hyper-realist fairy tale: Myf # 101

  Myf Shepherd @ Next It's not the first time you see Myf on this page. You might have seen her even recently as she has an editorial in current Mixte. She's also in the newest issue of Numéro. 101. Shot by Matthias Vriens. The gloomy countryside looks like a fantastic playground for Myf, playing seriously. Strange atmosphere and light, timeless pictures like in a hyper-realist fairy tale. Plenty of details yet impossible to tell why they are here, striking some strange poses, the vibe of the last days of the summer oddly... [Lire la suite]
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Dangerously delectable

Myf Shepherd @ Next She would smell delectable. She could be dangerous, too, but remains polite. That's the intro of her editorial in 10 by Cédric Buchet (styled by Sabina Schreder). It might also be an intro to Myf. We've been watching her pola session one week and were impressed by how she moved (and found the right pose) in front of the camera. This is for the scene. The polas themselves were obvious masterpieces as well, build on striking contrasts between dark hair, pale skin, black outfit and white wall. Kinetic and... [Lire la suite]
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Numéro girl Number three

Myf Shepherd @ Next (NY), Next (Paris) Innocent or iconic ? Ingénue or ironical ? Impossibly incredible, anyway. That's how we see Myf and how we've seen Myf after Miu Miu. Huge smile, teeth for days. Unforgettable moment. Was raining, very slightly, models were going out one by one like raindrops and the last model-street-style-photographers (the real-and-rash ones) were waiting around the door. Then came a raindrop called Myf and while some others had nothing to show than their most tired pout ever, Myf smiled with all her might... [Lire la suite]
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The most mysterious and highly surprisinig

  Myf, now @ Next (NY) It wasn't so long ago. A mysterious new face appeared at Chic Management, Australia. With a mysterious name in three letters. Myf started her career between the sweet mystery all around her name and the thrilling potential of her face. Let's say of her eyes. And expressions. It didn't last very long until she finally appeared on Sydney's runways, taking the fashion week by storm then it took even less time to see her signed in NY. With Next. The question is now... what's next ? We're sure Myf will... [Lire la suite]
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