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The Way It Grows

        Nancy Williams @ FM (London) Let's talk about brows, again. After Mariya Markina's endless eyebrows-magic, Nancy Williams. Once a lifetime opportunity, twice a day. Hard to believe when you hear but easy to get as soon as you saw Nancy's latest polaroid set, straight from FM Agency in their signature style we can't get enough of. Let's talk about brows but not just brows, would be totally unfair to focus on such a small part of the whole 'Nancy-effect' that immediately turned her into a favorite of ours... [Lire la suite]
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The Alpha and The Omega

 Nancy Williams @ FM (London) We're quite happy with this new opportunity to drop a few words on Nancy Williams and quite glad about the total sync with the party thrown tonight by Centrefold Magazine where the pictures above are from. Shot by Ben Weller on a China Girl theme -- think of the song rather than the country -- we're in love with the simple fact it highlights Nancy the way she is, striking yet subtle. Sounds like easy-writing if you consider we only feature girls we think are striking or at least have everything to... [Lire la suite]
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Speak out, don't talk about

    Nancy Williams @ FM (London) We didn't know flowers could blossom on macadam. Didn't know but had to admit it as the new truth and to forget about the old one and any kind of common (non)sense. Always thought this (fashion) world is strange but has never looked as strange as today. As right now. A matter of timing, of the way news started to pile up all day endlessly and randomly. Started right, though. Started with two pictures of Nancy Williams, 5'9 (176), FM Agency and cool flashy hair/pale skin combo. Gazing in the... [Lire la suite]
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