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Majestic Symphony

Freya Sombroek is on our radar and in our heart since the beginning of this year, creating some big bips and booms with any picture she takes, starting with what it should always start with – digitals, like the awesome close-up above. The blue-eyed brunette from Vivien's in Australia has nothing of a teenage russian doll and doesn't share much with any of the underage punkies around but oozes wit and poise (hadn't used this word for so long!) and totally translates these vibes into visual treats when arrives the time to release her... [Lire la suite]

She took pictures without her dress (but with lipstick)

Yulia Leontieva @ Metropolitan (Paris), Marilyn (NY), Storm (London), Why Not (Milan) One hand typing, the other holding a glass of wine. One eye looking at the screen, one ear listening to the randomness around. Was yesterday evening's atmophere. Plus some loud sound thrown from the old radio, the fast steps in the corridor. The door. Open, closed. And open again. Talking with our friend who's currently in Berlin and enjoying some gorgeously random architecture. Doing too many things at once. Should stop for five minutes and... [Lire la suite]
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