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Beyond The Mirror

    Vanusa Savaris @ Nass (Brazil), FM (London), New York Models (NY), Women (Paris & Milan) And Vanusa again. Third time maybe we publish a few lines on the brunette from Nass Models and it's always a pleasure to follow what her next little step will be (and look like). Today she comes in an editorial from Wonderland Magazine, sweet and severe moods mixing from page to page. Once again, it's too early to think about champagne bottles but the evolution goes its slow and steady way. Rome wasn't built in one night and so... [Lire la suite]
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Tomorrow When All Things Are Shaping

Vanusa Savaris @ Nass (Brazil) Was quite a while ago, already. Not that much in real time but in fashion it's already a lot. Good things take time anyway, whatever they are and in any field. Good girls also take their time when it comes to development, the most precious ones often need to wait until the very best moment to enter the spotlights. Well-known story, after all and actually Vanusa isn't in the spotlights yet but on her way which makes her story more interesting for us. Just to refresh your minds (and ours by the same... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Vanusa !

Vanusa Savaris @ Nass Models (Brazil) It's always better when there is an extra touch of passion and enthusiasm from an agent about one of his latest finds. It's what happened to Vanusa who just started her career in February. From a small (but really, really small) village in Brazil to an international career set to begin next season, our 5'10 brunette (with gorgeous and highly expressive brown eyes) has already gathered a wide range of pictures in her portfolio since she signed with Nass Models. She seems never too far and... [Lire la suite]
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