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Bradford is Blogging: Wake-Up with Make-Up

Ranya Mordanova @ Supreme (NY) New York fashion week is already over, last shows took place last night (Paris time) and the frenzy should slow down in town and cross the ocean to hit London (already done). Good surprises, less good surprises, little fashion shocks and good moments following the whole thing from here that might turn into sweet memories, especially as we take care of our soundtrack as well. Won't reveal the beat, though, apart from heartbeats maybe. One thing is sure, this morning we woke up with make-up while... [Lire la suite]

The right stripes

Natalia Chabanenko @ Women (NY) The right stripes + the right hats + the right girl makes some smoking-hot new pictures. Add them to Natalia's portfolio and enjoy the development. Just shot yesterday by Jonathan Leder, the fierce girl who opened last Prada with her hands in her pockets gets a dreamy look, like she's been pictured lost in her thoughts. Sitting in the grass, hiding behind her cigarette.
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Spotlights vs. Delights

 Prada f/w 08-09 The most awaited casting, of Milan at least, is not a secret any longer. Prada f/w 08-09 took place yesterday and in the evening everybody was already talking about who was there and who wasn't. And who should have been there as well as who shouldn't. The "who?" has been quickly replaced by the "why?". So, in the "who?" we have to mention names like Eden Clark, Jourdan Dunn, Georgina Stojilkovic and, of course, Natalia Chabanenko. In the "why?" let's say the first names... [Lire la suite]

Agency of the Week #04

We thought Vo! Models Management would be an obvious choice, soon or later that's why we'd better do it right now and introduce you to their fantastic board. Sure there are still a lot more that are worth a look but we can only pick a few of them though that was maybe the choice of the models that was harder this week. Rather than selecting an agency. So, what does Vo! look like ? Like a good Ukrainian agency, some major faces, some amazing newbies... Let's check them all and talk after.  Anchik  Ludmila  Nastya ... [Lire la suite]
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