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Like Snow In June

        Andzelika Buivydaite @ Supermodels (Lithuania) New week, new wave, new weather. Sky is blue and air is cold, Fall is here for good and so does Andzelika, shortly introduced a few months ago. Strawberry-blond hair in October was the main idea behind our kooky romantic title but it could also be her peculiar beauty type that inspired us these words. Or the way her expressions seem to oscillate between moody and calm yet always impish and totally refreshing. With already some experience abroad (Game Model... [Lire la suite]
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Time Goes By (Tic-Tacs and Tactics)

        Justina Muralyte @ Supermodels (Lithuania) Writing an update after an introduction is quite an obvious pleasure for whoever is interested in the process of development. Both seeing the book growing thicker and the skills getting finer are things we certainly count among the most important when we've started following a model's career from the very beginning. Keeping our eyes on the screen, watching, waiting and seeing, and always looking for the next step to be reached. And crossed, as we are talking... [Lire la suite]
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Guts and Glamor

      Karolina Rimkute @ Supermodels (Lithuania) Let's forget our bar-stool auto-analysis for a while and go back to something more light-hearted for the afternoon. Karolina Rimkute, young lady from Lithuania signed with Supermodels Model Management is on our radar this week but who isn't on it, after all at a time of the year when we heavily need to walk our eyes everywhere we can. Nothing stunning in being noticed then, but good reasons behind it. Going from girly in glittery dress to androgynous trying herself at... [Lire la suite]
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Modern Cabbage

  Laura Dauksyte @ Supermodels (Lithuania) Don't know if it's a well-known fact internationally or not, but in French we have the same word to say cute and cabbage. Chou for instance. Don't know if the same exists in other languages but thought of it several times lately for the most random reason: just love the sound and spelling of cabbage. So thought of a little trick going through a good old gallicism as we never mind some here. Just had to wait until the right girl knocked at the door, the cute one who could embody that... [Lire la suite]
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One Night in Riga

We couldn't not call it One Night in Riga even if the whole event lasted a little longer than an evening and we even spent two days just to arrive in town through trains and buses. Ford Supermodel of the World in Baltic countries was hosted by 2B Models, the agency who will take care of the girls found via the contest and we already know the level of management they can expect from the latvian boutique. Nikole Ivanova's or Laine Rogova's debuts could be pointed as good example of the great teamwork done so far by Ford and 2B. The... [Lire la suite]
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Ford Finale in the Baltics: 48 Hours and 5 Winners

Megija Twenty four hours to come and twenty four hours tomorrow to go back to full-time blogging. Fourty eight hours with a lot of action in between. Riga was supposed to be a cold place at this time of the year but we only have hot news. Ford Supermodel of World's finale for Baltic countries took place less than two days ago and the winners are just as impressive as the contest's name. Five girls were selected for the World Finale in Sao Paulo but all the contestants are actually worth a few lines. So, we're going to make it in two... [Lire la suite]
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Spread your little wings

    Inga Kondarionok @ Supermodels (Lithuania) Development is always worth to watch model by model and sometimes even agency by agency. Trying to find out why some agencies put more effort on one aspect, why they focus on a certain kind of photography and how they do their best to build books before sending their newest faces abroad. It's not the first time that Lithuanian model-factory Supermodels hire Natalie Berezina, who's seeing her popularity as a test photographer (literally a book-builder) growing at... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Egle !

Meet the tiny beauty. Loads of potential, either hidden in her sleeves waiting for the future or right in front of you: on her recent test shots by Natalie Berezina. Tiny is the word as Egle scores at 173 only (yet), tiny is also the word to describe that delicate silhouette, perfectly proportioned from head to toe. She's young, she's new, she's fresh but she's also a very smart girl according to her mother agent's words. The end of the message from Supermodels was clear: it's impossible not to like Egle's looks and we won't... [Lire la suite]
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2B or not 2B ?

  Dzeina Kruze @ 2B Models (Latvia) And the answer is 2B for sure! The pun was fun and the three girl definitely are, for real. Scouted by 2B Models from Riga with the stylish help of photographer Natalie Berezina behind the camera for their first tests. It's called a good start and we'll start introducing them. One by one but in the same package. Dzeina is the first one on our list, she's 15 and from a little town in Latvia. She might not fit to a small town world with her model look and measurements: 5'10 (178 78-60-85),... [Lire la suite]
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