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The Room on the Roof (Atlantis is yelling)

Natalya Piro @ Women Direct (NY) We're following her since her early beginnings, we can almost say we began at the same time and we've never stopped believing in her. She's Natalya Piro (Nataliya sometimes, Pirozhkova sometimes). She's one of these girls who gave birth to our Redhead Issues and one we'll never let down. After all these seasons (let's even say all these years) she's still getting interesting work, level is on the rise and number as well. There is not a single month without an editorial with Natalya. Of course, she... [Lire la suite]
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New face ?

   No, all-time favorite ! But we could easily introduce Nataliya Piro as a new face, she looks fresher than ever. Currently in London with Select Model Management, she's probably already on the way to the shows to take place next week. This is exactly what we're waiting for: some more graceful appearance of Nataliya on runways. Then another round of powerful editorials. Redhead love never fades away !
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new polaroids of Nataliya Piro

source: Special thanks to Mona1 from tfs !
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