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Natasha loves chlorophyl tops

Natasha Gumieniuk @ ML Studio (Poland) Summer mood and green tank top. And the same pretty face as on the day we discovered her. Here comes Natasha Gumieniuk again and her 5'11 silhouette (180 83-63-89), unique expressive face, impish gaze  etc. Natasha the way we love her look: forever fresh and ready to surprise us. A few more weeks and she'll be ready to travel so these new polaroids shot yesterday are arriving just time. Our favorite girl from ML Studio be working on a book this summer to be ready for next fall. Makes... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Natasha !

Natasha Gumieniuk @ Elite (NY) Find a title is sometimes easy, sometimes much harder. For various reasons. Too much ideas and not the good one. That's how we went to "Meet Natasha !" as we thought, after all, it's still time to "meet" her. She's just beginning in NY and learning incredibly fast. Light speed catwalk studies and 5'11 are the most helpful things for a new girl in town and her very expressive face might be her best friend. And best weapon. Of course, this four digitals (we love digis from Elite... [Lire la suite]
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