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The Ringing Of Your Laughter

      Jamilla @ Micha Models (The Netherlands) This game can't last forever. Why? Because everything needs to end or transform. Morph. And who knows in which form FDIB will morph tomorrow. Happy mood on one hand, bittersweet on the other. And who knows (God knows?) what will be the ending. Hope for some fireworks but somehow we are still far enough from the end not to think or talk about it. And here comes Jamilla from Micha Models, in the Netherlands. Here comes another Dutch blondie that doesn't look like other dutch... [Lire la suite]
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Midnight Lady

        Ronja @ New York Models (NY) Midnight drama but no broken dreams so all should be fine. Next time we'll try dancing under the pale moonlight, might get better results but that's a secret for now. And totally off-topic whihc is not our goal at eleven in the morning (leaving this to next night). Topic today is Ronja by Nando Esparza. We already wrote much on Nando's work and our feelings about it so it will be Ronja in the spotlights now. And must say she totally deserves it. Met the 19-years-old young lady... [Lire la suite]
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Where You Find It

        Yulia Terentieva @ New York Models (NY) and Nathalie (Paris) Despite the basic fact this kind of studio stories will never get us totally thrilled, there is something refreshing and a lot of high energy in this editorial from most recent issue of UK Elle. And quite a good dose of creativity to turn what could have totally uninspiring into a vivid spread that turns on your mood at the first second. It's spring and the atmosphere to this short story goes with it, both for the first sunny days of March and... [Lire la suite]
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Wild At Heart

      Dimphy @ New York Models (NY) and Nathalie (Paris) Our short story today starts with two fortunate meetings and ends with two more of the same kind in Paris two weeks later. You might already know Dimphy was the one to catch our attention among the new models in town at New York Models for this season, we've never made a mystery of the fact she quickly became a favorite here after a fifteen minute interview and polaroid session at the agency last month. But the Big Apple was the opportunity to meet another... [Lire la suite]

Sui He Enlights

Sui He @ NYMM Just a short supplement to our digital session with Sui He, the girl who opened and closed Vivienne Tam on Saturday and Diane Von Furstenberg on Sunday and one of the most intriguing newcomers at New York Models right now. From China and enjoying a promising first season in New York right now, we had the (short) opportunity to spend a moment with her at the agency. See the results HERE and keep your fingers crossed for her next steps !
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Juju Ivanyuk @ NYMM She may agree with anyone who says great things take time to happen... Juju spotted all smiles not long after opening and closing BCBG show.
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Dimphy Janse @ NYMM Ronja Furrer@ NYMM Cora Emmanuel @ NYMM   It was bound to happen, we couldn't resist any longer to the calling charms of the Big Apple, so here we are !Besides our own special features straight from New York fashion week, we will also be documentating daily behind the scene moments from New York Models, directly on their blog.Check our first morning of blogging in New York, first moments running around the city streets and fighting against the wind, following the new readhead in town, Nastya Pindeeva, to... [Lire la suite]
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There And Now

Here we go, show packages and the 'big four' about to start soon. Next week, bookmark it etc. Time for most of the modeling world and fashion planet to get crazy again, welcome back to the flight frenzy and endless wars to get a cab and all these little things that make a fashion week what it is. But let's stick to the first point now: show packages. You know (or we hope you do) review packages has never been our favorite part of the job but instead of taking it as a necessary evil, we always tried to imagine this is a positive... [Lire la suite]
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Straight Line (To The Point)

It's been a little while since last time we talked about Ksenia. Was a quick intro, actually, and we're really, geniunely happy to be able to drop a few lines again. We've had the opportunity to see a lot of materials of the newcomers who recently arrived in town at New York Models for Spring Summer 2011 and almost each of them would be worth having a complete entry dedicated to her but you know how it goes. Fast and we have to keep everything as selective as possible, as relevant as we can. Making choices and decisions even when... [Lire la suite]
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      Reny @ New York Models (NY) You could totally imagine her coming from a magical realist novel or one of Frida Kahlo's paintings but Reny is from Hungary (VM Model), she's 5'10 high and new at New York Models. And she's for real, neither the character of a book nor a pretty painting. We guess some would love to paint her but so far we see her more as a photographer's muse than in any other role. Recently arrived in town and completing her portfolio these days, hopefully getting a masterpiece in it soon (what do we... [Lire la suite]
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