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One Step Closer (Higher, and Higher)

    Laila @ New York Models (NY) The clearest statements might be the very best ways to blur the lines and same goes for the strongest-looking models who might actually turn into the most subtle chameleon when it comes to performing in front of the camera. Unique features combined with innate modeling skills are a real treat for the eye when it happens to be a natural match. And what better proof of how natural it is than a couple of polaroid showcasing it? When we got Laila's polas, fresh from last week (preview here) when... [Lire la suite]
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Serious -> Playful

    Ieva @ New York Models (NY) We promised you a short update on Ieva again right after we posted some polaroids freshly taken in New York and the opportunity might have arrived today. New book on its way starting with test shots by photographer William Lords. The whole series would be worth publishing but we thought (again) some carefully select outtakes might have a better impact. Or would at least appear as a stronger statement. Remember the last words of our previous entry on Ieva and how the serious young lady on the... [Lire la suite]
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In Tune

      Ieva @ New York Models (NY) Ieva from Joy Star System in Latvia, now in town with New York Models. We felt we've got to dedicate another post to Ieva and believe us, there are many more reasons to do so than keeping track of her young career (see our previous ones here and there). We might not reveal all of them tonight, as a little surprise effect is always welcome and more fantastic materials are on her way but we thought a quick update to highlight her arrival in New York is warmly welcome and her first... [Lire la suite]
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Sign(s) Of The Times

Patricia Van Der Vliet and Ylonka Verheul @ New York Models (NY) We told you a few times ago about our feeling about some new aesthetic going on at New York Models (and/or Nathalie Paris). "Conceptual beauties that are easy to understand" or whatever we've called that new wave back then but one thing remains totally sure right now: this feeling of ours has only grown since the beginning of the year. No matter if you tell us about Patricia, Ylonka or Melissa, about Sigrid or some newcomer in development, the... [Lire la suite]
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Are You Mad Enough

Patricia Van der Vliet @ New York Models (NY) There are days we miss our eighties, our childhood or what we think it looked like back then. When it wasn't that odd to be dressed like a bubble gum and when discount stores all had creepy names. The need to escape, you know. The emergency that would normally push you to run but sticks your feet on the ground. Can't move, not even wink. Working in a dark room because the sun shines too bright and summer is already getting on our nerves. Don't know if we want september to knock at our... [Lire la suite]
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Melissa Tammerijn @ New York Models (NY), Nathalie (Paris), Union (London), d'management (Milan) This story makes the headlines wherever you'll find her on the Internet! New York Models is heavily blogging as always and naturally included Melissa's Vogue Italia story to their news, Nathalie's blog is on fire these days (also check out Lisanne's latest campaign featured there) and it's the latest post on Union's page after two sweet stories on Alla and Daphne Groeneveld. Makes so much noise at places we love that we couldn't not... [Lire la suite]

The Newest Wave

Martine Schouten Hoogendijk @ Fresh (The Netherlands), Nathalie (Paris), New York Models (NY) -- video courtesy of Nathalie Paris Makes sense. A short movie portraying Martine, taken in Paris, where she talks about modeling and her favorite things in life. From places she likes to food she loves, from what fashion means to her to the last thing she does before going to bed. It makes a lot of topics but simply reveals a few charming details without unveiling everything, keeping the mystery alive while her career takes off. The perfect... [Lire la suite]
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        Sedene, Stephanie, Melissa and Anne Sophie @ d'management (Milan) Drum rolls and heartbeats... here are the latest models to sign with direct-booking boutique in Milan, d'management. And even the number of girls in the package seems just perfect. What do you think of four aces ? La creme de la creme of the current international newbies is right in front of your eyes. Sedene (featured here last November), for example, is already getting an amazing response in New York, gathering the highest hopes around her... [Lire la suite]

Upside-Down (Balenciaga-Blogging)

  Mirte Maas, Patrica Van Der Vliet and Alla Kostromicheva @ Union (London) Union Models is blogging too and if you didn't know about it, take a look and the first of entries of years on their blog. First topics are indeed worth to remember as they are dedicated to the agency's brightest stars: Mirte Maas (also with Women), Alla Kostromicheva (also with Women Direct) and Patricia Van Der Vliet (also with New York Models and Nathalie). Such a gorgeous team... who achieved some big things on glossy paper these day,... [Lire la suite]

Time went twice as fast

  Sedene @ New York Models Working till midnight and beyond, waking up at seven tomorrow. Well, today if you prefer. Time has its own way to run, rush and even fly. So fast. For Sedene too, time is getting crazy and her career started at the highest speed as soon as she arrived at New York Models. Some girls have to stay weeks, months, seasons or even years in the shadows of development while Sedene's debuts were like a serene walk into the spotlights. Nothing is out yet but all on the way and beyond promising. The list of... [Lire la suite]
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