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        Naomi Preizler @ NEXT "Joeyzine" or just "Joey." as its website says. It's the third issue of this online fashion journal, not really an UFO on the radar but not your comon rising publication. Priority is photography (or the other way round) and it shows just by reading the names of contributors how much visual appeal and creativity are key words there: this third issue humbly named No.3 and subtitled by the sole mention of friends counts among its contributing photographers Alexandra Carr, David Shama and... [Lire la suite]
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Who's Next ?

  Catheline @ Next (London)Nicola Haffmans @ Next (London) They are among our latest picks as Lexposed Faces and are among the most intriguing and exciting newcomers at Next, both with showcards for London. Getting ready. Nicola Haffmans (mother agency Ulla and also signed with Why Not Milan) and Catheline (mother agency Vision Brussels and signed with Success in Paris) are the perfect examples of Next's usual beauty criterias matching some strong and personal features or looks. Think of Nicola's incredible energy that just... [Lire la suite]
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