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Who's Next ?

  Catheline @ Next (London)Nicola Haffmans @ Next (London) They are among our latest picks as Lexposed Faces and are among the most intriguing and exciting newcomers at Next, both with showcards for London. Getting ready. Nicola Haffmans (mother agency Ulla and also signed with Why Not Milan) and Catheline (mother agency Vision Brussels and signed with Success in Paris) are the perfect examples of Next's usual beauty criterias matching some strong and personal features or looks. Think of Nicola's incredible energy that just... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Nicola !

Nicola Haffmans @ Name Models (The Netherlands), New Models Agency (Belgium), Why Not (Milan) We've been totally smitten by the delicate poses of this eye-cathing strawberry blonde in her latest editorial in current Biba. A delicate shade closer to blond than red yet still having this precious little special thing we always love with redheads. Something out of this world but made for today. And tomorrow. There are still a couple of places where Nicola needs to go now. Think NY and Paris.
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