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The New Ones, The Rising Ones, The Eternal Ones

One Management's Spring Summer 2011 Show Package We've been working on this feature for almost a week and it might be the longest picture-post in FDIB's history. Been thinking of talk about it and which cards to (dis)play. Not used to the excercise and usually rather posting a couple of cards instead of the full package but this one (or this One for that matter) was quite a dilemma. How to post only our personal picks without taking the risk for the visual to lose their essence and for us to step... [Lire la suite]

The Consequences of Charisma

Marcelia Freesz @ One (NY) We were just talking about the 'surprise effect' and just got a surprise ourselves as well. Actually if we pay so much attention to leaving room for some surprising turns, it might be due to the fact we love being surprised too. Agencies are currently working on their show packages (if they aren't all done yet) and most of them are managing to throw some surprising names (and faces) in their mix. One agency who never let us down on this front is... One Management. You'll see later that their package... [Lire la suite]
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Summer Hit

            Johanna Kneppers, Claudia Seiler and Lys Inger @ d'management (Milan) We don't know if we should say it again as we can almost write it every month but Amica did it again. Could be our motto or the current status of FDIB's facebook page. But let's stay on topic and stick to the story itself, three girls from d'management shot by Massimo Pamparana for the newest issue of Amica. Italian magazine, italian photographer, italian agency and a very international casting that includes Johanna... [Lire la suite]

That Mood

Alicia Kuczman @ One (NY) We might be in this exact mood today. Were just saying how Chloe Dole "dares to express" when she works with a photographer and Alicia Kuczman is exactly that kind of expressive models that got attention for bringing her own mood along her looks (remember that short story we did on Alicia loves to move). After great debuts in New York walking for Marc Jacobs and ending her season solely walking for Miu Miu in Paris, Alicia immediately branded herself as a precious girl you won't see at random... [Lire la suite]
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Alicia Kuczman @ One (NY) Recreate: give a new life or energy to. Exactly what's going on right now with One Management's facebook page, back to life with major updates over the last few days going from Icons do it better to the Lil'Ones latest pieces. Or recreate: engage recreational activities rather than work. Would fit for Alicia on these pictures even if she's actually at work. Best thing is when it doesn't show up and she's already famous for being that natural kind of model who just is herself and does not play a role. She... [Lire la suite]
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Hey Child, Stay Wild

          Alicia Kuczman @ One (NY) Long time no talk... and James Mahon popped up again on our radar two days ago! Just in time, we'd say as he wanted to share a beautiful story he did with Alicia Kuczman, officially one of our new favorites. Taking the softest side of Alicia, which isn't the most obvious idea on earth, and mixing it with some Sex Pistols tee-shirts was quite a brilliant find to highlight what (in our opinion, at least) makes her look so specific. The best of it could be its contrasts. Her... [Lire la suite]
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One more time

Alicia Kuczman @ One (NY) Heard of her complete domination over brazilian catwalks a few weeks ago (with Way Sao Paulo) but we must confess we hadn't followed previous fashion weeks (from Brazil to Couture via Berlin) very carefully. The big shock came with Michelle Lee's pola, actually. A simple shot with a yellow shade highlighting an incredible bone structure and translucent eyebrows. That was our first moment thinking of Alicia Kuczman as one of our favorite girls for Fall 2010. Didn't even know who signed her in NY (guessed who... [Lire la suite]
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Lil' Lili

    Lili J @ One (NY) Just arrived in New York as a last minute addition to One Management's board for the season, Lili J also arrived in our inbox two days ago with two pictures and... quite a stunning video. Seems we have to count with another Lil' One in town, little being a little exaggerated to for her 5'11 height by the way. Now you might ask yourself why is she so special, apart from her delicate features and why the rush to fly her in and feature her here right after. Maybe you'll get your answer by watching that... [Lire la suite]
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Three, two, ONE, fire.

  Debora Muller @ One (NY) and Amanda Laine (DNA) A few days to countdown but what countdown exactly ? Fashion week in New York or Vogue Italia in our favorite bookstore ? Both. But we still don't know which one we're waiting for (eagerly). Show packages we've seen so far have what it takes to get us enthusiastic about the newbies in town and first editorial preview of Vogue is pretty thrilling too (Jamie on the cover plus the story above, by Greg Lotus). Debora Muller is taking part of both, strengthening her editorial... [Lire la suite]
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Ones in a Million

  Debora Muller @ One (NY) The Lil'Ones are back! And truth is that these Lil'Ones are actually tall Ones. Debora peaks at 5'10"5 and Sydney does even better at 5'11. Endless silhouettes, unique faces. Perfect combo ? Not only. Debora Muller rocked last season with A-level runways from day one till the end of shows then strengthened her editorial appeal (and roster). Whoever wanted to bury One Management a few seasons ago was obviously wrong. No funerals in Fall 2010 and we love phoenix-agencies. Back in time, stronger than... [Lire la suite]
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