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The Minute Between Now And Soon

        Milly @ One (NY) Let's keep a little more minutes away from the rush again even if this time the topic isn't really disconnected to the current events in town as Milly is here for the shows and that's partly why we feature her again after a short intro with fresh digitals. Though, this time it's clearly "the creative side of the week" that gets our complete attention and you can't imagine how this is only the visible part of the iceberg. Daytime reporters and undercover agents...... [Lire la suite]
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One Day Or Another

        Milly @ One (NY) Introduced just yesterday evening as "Milly the Brit", the latest One caught some immediate attention with a couple of black and white shots packed as a collage. Though these two or three pictures were such a beautiful way to say hello, what we selected for today's feature is unveiling a little more on Milly yet still keeping most of her mystery alive. And surely a touch of mystery doesn't hurt now as the show season is starting soon enough to keep the most impatient eyes waiting for more... [Lire la suite]
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Wiktoria, ready for the Wiktory

          Wiktoria @ One (NY) She was the greatest surprise of the weekend, Wiktoria just arrived at One and her portfolio already looks like she was born in front of the camera. We must say no one compares to photographer Anderson to make this Polish jewel shine. With a pretty dark aura and impish gaze. Wiktoria is 5'9, brown hair on brown eyes and... is ready for the wiktory. We're so in love with getting a taste of New York the day we're leaving to Berlin.
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All in One

        Janete Friedrich @ One (NY) Glossy hair, dark lipstick, leather jacket and tie. Catch the style and feel the distant fire. There is something serious about her look and it's quite a prowess in itslef as it takes to be a fabulous model to make orange hair look so serious. There is something distant in her expressions which makes them truly classy. And classic, somehow. We know it's probably the last word someone would have in mind regarding Janete's beauty type but we truly feel this classic vibe on her... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 10: Ines

    Ines Crnokrak @ One (NY) Here we are, TMSRRE girl number ten and the last days of New York shows. Last featured girl for this fashion week ? Last before the ones from London ? Who knows. Who knows if we won't wake up again in the middle of the night to add a number eleven still based on her NY results. Who knows ? Nobody knows. Like nobody knew Ines would be there. Requested. Wanted. Especially for Marc Jacobs show. It makes two times in a row and makes us believe it's no wonder, she could be '"another kind of... [Lire la suite]
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