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Fashion screams Aline

Aline Weber @ One (NY) And Aline screams fashion. Her look has been noticed this season, her potential is now explored all over the fashion magazine's world. From Numéro to Dazed and now Vogue Paris, latest issue. If you hear she's in Vogue because of Balenciaga just remember why a model can open a show like Balenciaga. The answer is in the question. It's funny, it happens very often. And besides all the hype around the latest cover of the most watched french mag, we're really glad to see contents that are actually able to... [Lire la suite]
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 Olga Sherer @ One (NY) everyday. We're always thinking about a big, big redhead issue but as we already wrote it in a previous post, it's really hard to make a complete issue with all the new faces, all the new editorials. All the news and the day after we see something fresher. A new faces out of nowhere. A new editorial or simply new tests or polas. Like Tanya Chubko's newest polaroids, like Sof'ya the new red sensation at Lilas Models, like this new beauty story from Numéro 93. Olga Sherer by Alix Malka. We thought it... [Lire la suite]
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Sunburst, sunburn

New Numéro is out. The best issue we've seen (and bought) for a while. Leading the casting, Aline Weber. The sensational Brazilian who opened Balenciaga this season is now translating all her poweful potential into an editorial wave. Beginning with this striking story by Laurie Bartley, brows bleached and sun-tanned. Aline Weber @ One (NY)
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The Ones in L'Officiel

Anna Kuchkina @ One (NY) Claudia Seiler @ One (NY) Alex Sandor @ One (NY) Just after launching their wonderful new website, three "Ones" are taking L'Officiel by storm in a gorgeous editorial called "Nouvelle Vague" and shot by Jon Compson. We love our doll Anna, the stunning and captivating Claudia and are just smitten by Alex Sandor as a bunny. More to come from this editorial later. But today.
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Photographers Update #3: Alice by Glynis

Alice Langeani @ One (NY) It's not exactly the first time we post some pieces by Glynis Selina Arban. It's not exactly the first time we post some pictures of Alice Langeani as she was featured two times last week. But we're really proud to post some pictures of Alice by Glynis now. It seems the very best of a new generation of models in making meets one of our favorite photographers. Once again. As if the best of both worlds were simply made to work together.
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Meet Aline, just Aline (no words)

Aline @ One Model Management
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La Crazy Vita

  Claudia Seiler, Eden Clark, Lyoka Tyagnereva and Michaela Majerska by James Mahon for One f/w 08 packagecourtesy of One Model Management Here we go. This is season is going to be crazy... Really crazy ! After some amazing show cards at both Supreme and New York Models then Elite yesterday, it's time for One Model Management to release their f/w 08 show package. The theme is La Crazy Vita, inspired by the movie La Dolce Vita and it's... yes, crazy. A whole team of their 9 most promising models has been shot on that... [Lire la suite]
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A Lyoka moment...

 courtesy of One We loved her on Amica cover, we loved her on s/s 08 runways. We simply love Lyoka Tyagnereva, now ready to pursue her epic in NY with One Model Management. We've been amazed by every single shot to date but those latest ones by Reed+Rader (who already shot models like Paul Pavlovska as well) are allowing us to raise our hopes and expectations at a higher level. It's late at night here, we're tired as tired can be but couldn't resist to have this last Lyoka moment right now...
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Maria Host in A4

    courtesy of One Model Management It's seems that things are going non-stop now. Next step is Maria Host (One Model Management, NY) who's also in the latest issue of A4 (definitely a mag we're following carefully). The story was shot by Yana Toyber,  that we've already introduced a few months ago as we loved her previous work for other magazines. Let's the story continue, there are big hopes for both the photographer and Maria (view her polaroids).
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Meet Lyoka !

courtesy of One Model Management Cover-girl in Italy (Amica), stunner in Paris and now newbie in New York (at One Model Management), Lyoka Tyagnereva is on our list of models to watch for. Carefully. Sure that strong jaws and fierce eyes have always been very persuasive, in Lyoka's case it reaches higher lever. More jaws, more intense eyes, more fabulous shots. Now and in the future. Check out her complete profile on MNP Models.
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