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Golden Rules

        Simone @ Oui (Paris) You can be excessive and limitless by nature but it's not what you really aspire to. Can cross roads, limits, red lines or whatever you can call these borders when you get "borderline". Don't do it, don't let it happen again. Make some promises and please don't break them too easily, only break the rules when you feel it's big time to do so. When everything is ready, don't worry you will already feel it. deeply and very easily actually. Till then keep quiet, keep secret. Keep calm.... [Lire la suite]
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      Nico @ Iconic (Germany) Going by a name with a immediate flavor of music icon from last century, Nico is certainly the model that literally embodies her agency's vision right now and regardless the aura of fame and freedom around her nickname, she could be ready soon to go her own way and write her own story by herself. Recently added to Oui Management's roster in Paris, it's not the city of lights that will get all our attention tonight but where she comes from and what's been done from there since we saw her... [Lire la suite]
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Frozen Tears

Valeria Kelava @ Ford (NY), Oui (Paris) Ending the season with a flawless week in Paris from Balenciaga to Miu Miu, from Givenchy to Louis Vuitton, from Rick Owens to Viktor & Rolf, from Giambattista Valli to Kenzo and sorry for the ones we've had to skipped, they would be worth a mention too. Flawless show-list and a good editorial kick to keep it all sky-high. Two stories in Vogue Italia's October issue would be enough to write a note even with no shows to back it up but the combination of both can be considered as an... [Lire la suite]
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