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Might and Delusion

      Beegee @ PMST Keep it going like the rain keeps pouring outside (or is it snow? who knows), keep it running, keep it alive one way or another. Might be the motto on some mornings, might be our way to work some days. Trying to find the brightest side of everything we can, trying to find out how to add some spicy smell to every mild-tasting topic. Sometimes the magic isn't in the subject itself but in the way you look at it and talk about it. Sometimes or rather often. Or let's say it's like the differences of... [Lire la suite]
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Skinny Internship

Quotes of the day: "I am still an indie at heart" and "old is the new new". Could be both mixed together but haven't found the recipe to make one sentence out of these two. Anyway, it's not that important and we'd rather go for more visual and virtual delights than some random thoughts. The latest piece we'd love to share was shot by photographer Julius Gregorio who teamed up with Kristin Ondocsin from Skinny Intern and model Gabriele Dargyte (PMST - Elite NY - Premier London). It's quite a double... [Lire la suite]

Meet Natar (In Motion)

Natar @ PMST (Czech Republic) Holidays, holidays. Only three days since we're full-time back but we're glad to feel the fashion frenzy again. If the last two weeks were pretty slow and silent for us, it seems that PMST was sleeping too much during this time and just found Natar between Christmas and New Eve. Just a little preview in motion to tease you before we publish a detailed portrait of the 5'9"5 (177) young lady.
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Wanted: Julie

Julie Kass @ PMST After introducing Blu a few weeks ago during our trip in Paris (or just before), we strike back with another fresh face from PMST. Julie is quite taller at 5'11 (180 82-60-88) and looks ready for the victory with that dramatic gaze of hers, catching our eyes from simple snaps. And if by any chance you're interested in Julie, make sure to request her video - the way she moves is a true rarity, especially for a girl who's only beginning. Presence, charisma, freshness and a teaspoon of innocence... mix it and... [Lire la suite]
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Make Me Blu

        Blu @ PMST Blue-eyed blonde sounds like a cliché to some people in the fashion world but some blond girls with blue eyes aren't exactly like any other. Just have a quick look at Blu, one of PMST's latest finds and you'll completely understand what we're trying to say. We're not even telling you about the superblond hair and extra-blue eyes, we also consider her features are unusual for this beauty type. Impish gaze, fresh as can be, raw potential waiting eagerly to be refined through tests then... [Lire la suite]
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Agency of the Week #03

It's always hard for us to select only one agency per week as we've spotted so much good ones lately. Though, there are some obvious reasons why we finally picked PMST to be the third one. The buzz is there, and once again the reasons are pretty obvious. It has been one of our favorite places for being related to models like Giedre Dukauskaite, Denisa Olesovska, Misa Hrncirova or Vaida Stankute. Then the talk of the town these weeks is probably the marvelous Dodo and we've just heard that one of our darling at PMST (P Model Scout... [Lire la suite]
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