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        Paulina Klimek @ Eastern (Poland) One way or another, one month or another she's going to make it... One month, maybe next one, as she's going to turn 16 in June, Paulina Klimek could take the world by storm. We've been following her first steps last year which already included two trips, in London and Milan, and might have to stay tuned now for the next international moves in her career. The latest materials we received are typical beauty shots (sleek, smooth, black and white) that might not thrill you as... [Lire la suite]
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      Paulina Klimek @ Eastern (Poland) It was a sunny day in Warsaw but Paulina probably doesn't care at the moment. She's just arrived in Milan and found her home at Joy Models there. Good pick as she simply looks like a joyful girl (not kidding, despite a slight slice of melancholy in some of her expressions). It's not the first time we feature her twice on our page and we keep thinking it's not about to stop. We remember her first polas and tests, rather shy-looking then her second batch of snaps where the... [Lire la suite]
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Development diaries: Paulina

    Paulina Klimek @ Eastern (Poland) Remember Paulina ? We're sure you do. She's just unforgettable. We introduced her when we were just back from our trip in Paris and now it's time for an update after coming back from Berlin. Good timing always helps. What can we say now ? She was already fantastic-looking in all of her pictures last time, both on her polas and tests. We might can add she's more relaxed, more laidback in front of the camera and it's good to see a great girl still improving. Increasing the potential.... [Lire la suite]
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