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You're the first, you're the last

Regina Feoktistova @ Nathalie (Paris) It's her first editorial since she joined Women NY (well, it has nothing to do with it as this new story was booked by Nathalie in Paris) and unfortunately it's the last time we see her in Mixte. It's the last issue of Mixte, one of the saddest magazine moment of this year. At least this 64th issue is gorgeous. Royal. Royal casting, royal contents, amazing team. We'll miss it and to be completely honest, we already miss it. The thrill of the first look, the smell of the paper and to know... [Lire la suite]
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Only with Masha (without her we would cry)

  Masha Tyelna @ Storm (London) Here we go again with the missing part of her story in current issue of Elle UK. We introduced it a few times ago and the seven extra pictures are coming just in time with her showcard for London. Models history is funny sometimes as we featured Masha and Meghan exactly the same day. They're miles away from each other but once upon a time they were together on some H&M ad campaign, they were both the controversial newcomers bringing a fresh vibe on the fashion scene. It's not that... [Lire la suite]
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