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'Cause You Are Young

Liza Schwab @ Ulla Models (The Netherlands) First tries are sometimes the most interesting and exciting moments as first times can be. That's one of the most appealing part of this video, either a first time for model Liza Schwab and photographer Pim van Offeren who just went from stills to motion while keeping the emotion alive. Liza is a young sprout from Ulla Models in Amsterdam, 5'10 tall and building her book at the moment. According to Pim's recent experience working with her, she's as cute as can be but can change mood in a... [Lire la suite]
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Very Veroni

        Veroni @ iD Model Management (The Netherlands) It was planned this way and, for once, we stuck to our initial plans which were featuring Miranda and Veroni at the beginning of this week. Classic beauties with a twist might be a well-known concept already and there is no real surprise in highlighting this again but it can be easily transformed and expressed in several different ways. Hence the idea of having Miranda's and Veroni's features back to back and that's the interesting part in talking about this... [Lire la suite]
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