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Heart of Class

Ilva @ Supreme (NY) First time we've ever seen and heard of Ilva was less than two weeks ago when she first popped on her mother agency's blog. Place (Hamburg) is never short of surprises when it comes to cool newcomers (also make sure you've seen Laila featured on Tuesday here) with distinctive looks and vibes. Seeing Ilva was quite a little shock for anyone having a thing for strawberry blond hair and peculiar features. And class, because that's what the story is all about. And lightspeed evolution since she first... [Lire la suite]
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One Step Closer (Higher, and Higher)

    Laila @ New York Models (NY) The clearest statements might be the very best ways to blur the lines and same goes for the strongest-looking models who might actually turn into the most subtle chameleon when it comes to performing in front of the camera. Unique features combined with innate modeling skills are a real treat for the eye when it happens to be a natural match. And what better proof of how natural it is than a couple of polaroid showcasing it? When we got Laila's polas, fresh from last week (preview here) when... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 1: Vanessa

    Vanessa Hegelmaier @ Place (Hamburg), IMG (NY) Time for show reports and we're starting our TMSRRE series  again (for those who don't know about it, TMSRRE stands for The Most Subjective Runway Review Ever). Though, this time we're starting with a much more objective choice than usual as Vanessa Hegelmaier just closed BCBG Max Azria yesterday and there is no need to discuss it's worth a short report. Especially after we heard last Tuesday from her mother agency, Place Models in Hamburg, that she was currently in NY... [Lire la suite]
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You can't run and She can't hide

        Katharina Friedrich @ Place (Hamburg), Supreme (NY) She already went throught the usual (but still unpredictable) polaroid-makeover by Paul Rowland with Supreme's instant classic, leopard-printed outfit. Her name should be on every reputable notebook, her face should have caught every good eye, her book is on the right slope and there is most likely a bright (near) future ahead of her. After featuring Romana yesterday, we got goodies from Katharina's german book, right from the source to make sure we... [Lire la suite]
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Anatomy of the Chameleon

Isabelle Rogg @ Place (Germany) What makes a model stand out by her chameleon-abilities ? Where does this rare talent take its roots and how does it express ? These questions get even less easy and slightly tricky when the girl we're talking about has her very own look, with unique features and would actually stand out from the crowd for this alone. But some precious young ladies definitely know how to shine both for their face and the way they morph into different characters. Models are here to model and that's what Isabelle... [Lire la suite]
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A girl to remember from an agency to keep in mind

    Inken @ Place Models (Hamburg) A girl to remember from an agency to keep in mind. These could be the best words to describe Inken and were the first ones to come in our minds when we received her materials at the end of March. We weren't sure if we had to rush and follow our excitement to feature her as soon as possible or if we had to wait for the very best moment to talk about her. We finally went for the second option and took time as our best friend. Now Inken (5'9"5 - 177) is signed with IMG and appeared at... [Lire la suite]
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We met her in a crowded room

  Anouk Hagemeijer @ Nathalie (Paris), Ford (NY), Place (Hamburg), Skin (Amsterdam) Anouk was already on our list of favorites for a future TMSRRE story yet it was only a feeling based on a few pictures and facts from NY shows. After meeting her in backstage at Girbaud, it turned out our first feelings were reliable. Or even beyond reliable. It doesn’t happen every single time we have a crush on a couple of cute polas but when it does, it might be one of the most delightful thing to realise. Realising Anouk potential was... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Luca Aimee !

Luca Aimee @ Place (Germany) We were always captivated by her delicated feature. Everytime we checked her portfolio at Place Models. But the real kick came on a vintage magazines-shopping afternoon in Berlin, don't even remember the actual name of the mag yet an editorial with Luca Aimee (the issue was really recent, it's been released only a tad earlier this year) quickly caught our eyes. And she's definitely an eye-catcher, the best eye-catcher to begin this new week. Now making her marks in London too, with FM Agency, we... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Jana !

Jana Wirth @ Place Models (Germany) We've been thinking about an article on Jana for a few months now but is there any better opportunity than a bunch of fresh new polaroids with more and more emphasis on her very, very intriguing look ? Playing again with her short platinum hair, swinging and posing as she were born like that. Maybe she was, we never know, we'll never now and probably don't want. Just enjoy the look and the movement. The crackling of the camera is just starting now.
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