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Insane Insight

Melinda Szepesi @ Premier (London), Ice (Milan) Gaslight nights, randomly dressed and surviving with pizzas, beers and whatever sweet stuff, loud live music all evening long, twisted mornings  looking for parts of ourselves we might have forgotten next to some pieces of art in the other room. Was our life these last few days, was our daily nightlife (!) next to administrative duties lasting till dusk. New week, cold Monday, sound went away for a while and things are supposed to be back to normal. Supposedly, because nothing... [Lire la suite]
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High Fly, Touch The Sky

Ana Gilca @ Mandarina (Romania), Premier (London) Welcome to Premier says the Union Jack on the agency's homepage. You got the right message and just can't wait to click on it. The mood is set and the atmosphere takes you straight ahead to the other side of the Channel. A short, instant imaginary trip that you want to turn into reality in a glimpse and you remember nothing is ever impossible. Absolutely nothing and that's what keeps you going on, keeps you awake late at night and kicks you out of bed early in the morning. Ana... [Lire la suite]
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Perspective. Period.

    Ana Gilca @ Mandarina (Romania), Next, Premier (London) Oh, we walk till dawn, from dusk till dawn. Without losing what we had in sight and without losing ourselves. Or just a little bit. The tiny little bit you need to keep it tuned with your current mood. We're losing grip sometimes but to get back on it as fast as one can. Ana Gilca didn't lose herself in Paris (nor she did in other cities she walked in) and gathered a lovely first season from London to the City of Lights. From all runway shots and editorials bits... [Lire la suite]
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Swing Steps

        Ieva Marija @ Premier (London) Freshly made polaroids (last Thursday to be correct) and currently on stay in London. Two tiny bits of sentence to describe the situation and explain why another feature on the lovely Ieva Marija. As if it would need any explanation but it's always nice to remember the context to understand the evolution of a model's career, may it be the first steps (or second steps for that matter). Launched on the international modeling scene by Joy Star System, from Latvia -- but you... [Lire la suite]
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What Took Us So Long ?

      Arien Lopez @ Premier (London) Got her materials from Premier a while ago when she freshly signed with the agency but wonder what took us so long to drope a note on Arien Lopez. Maybe waiting for the best moment, best timing etc. Always subjective, as long as a model doesn't get some major editorial coverage. Though, we could consider the recent updates on Dominican Fashion Models blog as some interesting facts leading us to schedule our feature on Arien this week. Think of the flow of newcomers like Ambar,... [Lire la suite]
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Skinny Internship

Quotes of the day: "I am still an indie at heart" and "old is the new new". Could be both mixed together but haven't found the recipe to make one sentence out of these two. Anyway, it's not that important and we'd rather go for more visual and virtual delights than some random thoughts. The latest piece we'd love to share was shot by photographer Julius Gregorio who teamed up with Kristin Ondocsin from Skinny Intern and model Gabriele Dargyte (PMST - Elite NY - Premier London). It's quite a double... [Lire la suite]

Such Golden Rules

    Tsanna Latouche @ Premier (London) The golden opportunity! A few weeks ago, Premier sent us Tsanna's book asking if we were interesting. Sure we were but needed to wait till the first pieces made in London were out, something that would make sense like a new tests/fresh polas combo. Here we go as Jessie Craig shot with Tsanna and fell in love, unstoppable when it came to describe her beauty and praise her potential. Still some secrets hidden for her, according to our friend photographer and you beg you to read and weigh... [Lire la suite]
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Yesterday, it seems

        Niia Alakoski @ Premier (London) It must be one year ago. Or something like that. Already twelve months ago, unbelievable as it still seems to us that Niia Alakoski, fab face from Finland at Premier, is completely new and her looks still radiates freshness. With a little more skills and a more laid-back attitude on polaroids. Well, one year or not, Niia is back on the blog today and we're happy to feature her again regardless if you'll take it a celebration or a nice update. What happened since last time ?... [Lire la suite]
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Katya Kulyzhka @ Premier (London) We hate changing our plans for the wrong reason but just give us an excellent one and we undo/re-do the whole schedule, stop all we were doing and rush ahead to the next topic. This afternoon came Katya's freshly made polaroids after she arrived in London yesterday. Every agency she signed with sent us some of her materials so far (Major Paris, Women Milan, Women Direct NY) but Premier's super-styled are above any piece of her portfolio we've seen. Coolness from head to toe, leather outfit plus... [Lire la suite]
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Quintessentially Morwenna

          Morwenna @ Premier (London) Seems like today's topic is tall strawberry-blondes: Morwenna is 5'10"5 (179) and got warm blond locks to remember as well. We're usually not fond of December holidays but we surely don't mind some present in advance like the polas above. Currently in London (quite the place to be for a quintessentially british girl), we should stay tuned for more of those playfully melancholic (!!) gazes she gives to the camera. Half laid-back, half dramatic and dreamy all the... [Lire la suite]
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