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Olga Shimanskaya @ President (Russia) The impish young lady from President Models has got a ticket to be one of our perennial favorites. It started with her first polas and video and love keeps growing with each new piece. Recently sent to NY with New York Models to work on her book and improve her abilities to model, the exploration of unsee parts of her potential almost unveiled a brand new side of her talents. One of the most precious actually as it seems her quirky beauty can reach a certain aesthetic that plays with... [Lire la suite]
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Anka for President

Anka Khargelia @ President (Russia) Redhead love winds back to us this afternoon and Anka's newest materials from New York are coming just in time to refresh the atmosphere. The weather is getting too heavy and a breath of fresh air was warmly (if we can say so) welcome in our offices. Anka's forever youthful look and mood couldn't be more appropriate and it seems her latest tests agree with us. Quite a prowess, by the way, that they managed to keep her freckles on such elaborated shots. Many others would have airbrushed them... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Katika !

Katika @ President (Russia) The least we can say is that Katika caught our eyes and didn't need more than one thumbnail and four seconds. Something stunning brings attention to her and she'll be soon a specialist of instant crushes and love at first sight. Spread the word, then. She might appear as another blond Russian or another russian blonde to some people, she might just be considered as the girl she is. A naturally talented young model (16-years-old), already confident enough to impress, blessed with the kind of... [Lire la suite]
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Development diaries: Olga

Olga Shimanskaya @ President (Russia) Third time we feature Olga and already second time within our Development diaries. If you've missed it, here and there you go for a little reminder of what she's been doing earlier. Now we present her latest materials with pleasure, both her newest tests and polaroids taken by her mother agency President Models in Moscow. Fantastic looking and fantastic talent in front of the camera. If there is something natrually uncanny shown by the snapshots, there is also a real ability to melt into... [Lire la suite]
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Development diaries: Olga

        Olga Shimanskaya @ President (Russia) Voodoo mornings. Olga pulls her wild side out of her backpack and brings a little black magic on a white background. It's sleek and subtle and she works out these bittersweet expressions with her usual impish touch. Be sure you're watching the making of an editorial girl, live. Be sure you stay tuned for the next steps of our multi-taske young lady. We like her more and more each day. More than before and we were already catpivated by her potential on day one.... [Lire la suite]
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Photomaton with Olga

Olga Shimanskaya @ President (Russia) We love President Models in Russia for being the mother agency of girls like Katerina Smutok, Katty Ukhanova, Elvira Khisaeva or our redhead love Anka Khargelia. All regularly featured here. So, it's with a huge pleasure that we introduce one of their newest faces, Olga Shimanskaya. She's 17 and born in Belarus, she's 175 and getting ready for a trip in Milan now. In a few words she's training for her future which we see as brilliant just by checking her potential. With so many pictures... [Lire la suite]
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