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Quiet Confidence

Brittany McPhee @ Elite (NY) Tonight became last night when today took yesterday away. So, to make it short and simple, Brittany McPhee arrived in New York yesterday night which is last night for us and still tonight if you live on the other side of the ocean. Not going to talk longer about geography and time zones now, focusing on Brittany definitely does it much better. She's 5'8"5 and is another of these wonders coming from Pulse Management to Elite NY (like all-time favorite of ours Natalie Keyser and pre-season... [Lire la suite]
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American Appeal

 Ali Stephens @ Elite (mother agnency: Pulse Management) It will be the first topic of 2008. American models or more exactly North American models. Actually, we're  thinking about it for months, almost half a year when the "American Beauty" buzz started to storm around the fashion industry. Though, at that time, right before and during the latest fashion weeks, we thought it might be too early to write an accurate article on this new wave of models and weren't sure of what to include in the words... [Lire la suite]