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Situations Like These

      Cassi Lee @ Elite (NY) Stuck in America! And not for no good reason, and nothing was planned. We rely a lot on agencies' latest materials and photographers' inspirations then on our own eyes and taste, and our posts are just the results of all these parameters put together. Next one on our list this week comes from Chicago and appears to be another of Pulse Management's fabulous finds freshly arrived at Elite in New York. Cassi Lee or the epitome of the editorial girl among the new wave of classy/classical... [Lire la suite]
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Hazel Eyes

      Amanda Chamberlain @ Elite (NY) We could do one per week, one Elite/Pulse-girl by Jonathan Leder. Last week we had the lovely Brittany McPhee, this one it's Amanda's turn. Totally different look, totally different vibe even when pictured by the same photographer using the same polaroid technique, the same aesthetic. That might be the magic of Jonathan's work as well, being able to draw a different portrait each time and the fact he uses the same camera and same style makes it even more obvious. Might also be the... [Lire la suite]
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Talented Teenager

      Brittany McPhee @ Elite (NY) She's one of the few models who start young and really leave a mark. Starting young in modeling has been quite pleonastic for years but it doesn't seem to be so relevant anymore and examples of girls starting rather "late" and doing well are easier to find nowadays. Not saying girls who start early are that rare but the approach went from "the faster the better" to a steady pace, with much emphasis put on development -- step by step. Though, among those young ladies, you'll always... [Lire la suite]
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Rachel v1.0

  Rachel Cook @ Elite (NY) Growing in life, growing on us. That's the best way we found to introduce shortly Rachel Cook, 15-years-old at Elite, New York. And guess what, she's another of these girls found by Pulse Management and carefully managed by Elite -- just scroll down a little bit and you'll seen the Teen Vogue truth (Brittany McPhee). Fresh face would be an understatement talking about Rachel, especially as these words are so overused nowadays. Refreshing vibe would sound better already, even if sounds deja vu as well.... [Lire la suite]
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FDIB loves and bookmarks: Brittany in Teen Vogue

    Brittany McPhee @ Elite (NY) It's been a little while since Elite NY introduced us Brittany McPhee, as the latest wunderkind from Pulse Mgmt. End of last Summer, exactly. Tiny, tiny and full of energy, Brittany arrived in the business as a potential editorial-girl in the making with her laid-back attitude and natural poise on her first polaroids from New York. And guess what, she just landed a spread in Teen Vogue's most recent issue confirming what seemed almost obvious on day one. In a mix of futuristic inspirations,... [Lire la suite]
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FDIB loves and bookmarks: Anouk Morgan for OZON Magazine

Ozon did it again, Anouk did it again and we couldn't not do a feature on that fabulous collaboration. Two creative visions totally matching, mixing and melting into one visual thrill. If we needed a kick to start on a Saturday morning, we definitely got it. The contrast between the neat aesthetic of the story and the spooky mood of the models creates a strange, delightful atmosphere that makes us forget FDIB became our daily work and brings back the free-wheel excitement of the early beginnings. Even if it hasn't disappeared... [Lire la suite]

Joie de Vivre

      McKell Martin @ Elite (NY) McKell Martin, genius in making at Elite, New York. Innate talent, geniune in front of the camera. And nobody else than Jonathan Leder, no other photographer, could have captured her that way. Captured is the word, the keyword. His raw yet slightly sleek aesthetic was perfect to highlight McKell's fresh and unique look (true to the signature of her mother agency, Pulse Management). Take "the most special one of her generation" and make sure she's got the perfect materials in... [Lire la suite]
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        Natalie Keyser @ Elite (NY), Marilyn (Paris) We count Natalie Keyser among our all-time favorites since her very early beginnings when she was just another great new faces at Pulse Management a while ago. Maybe it was because of her strawberry-blond hair and expressive cute little face. Maybe because of her goddess-meets-ladybug look, always appealing to us. Then came her first polas from Elite NY, first tests and... first time meeting in Paris where she's signed with Marilyn. She looks dramatic on... [Lire la suite]
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