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Like there's no Tomorrow

  Mina Cvetkovic @ Women (NY) It's not the first time they work together. Mina Cvetkovic and photographer Beau Grealy. We would love any pictures with Mina and Beau's work is seriously growing on us as well (we also owe him some seriously stunning shots of Dasha Malygina, another perennial favorite of ours). Beau was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, and works in New York. Mina looks like she was born and raised in South Detroit, like in one of our favorite movie-soundtracks. In a story simply entitled About A Girl,... [Lire la suite]
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Never say never: Casting at Viva

Laura Blokhina @ Viva We picked Laura as our first face from the ten Viva girls featured in newest issue of QVEST magazine. For two reason. First her pose looked perfect to open the series, then we'll have a complete feature dedicated to her very soon (again, for various reason that don't always sound obvious but stay tuned). Shot by Aitken Jolly and styled by Sam Ranger, it's another delightful story from one of our favorite magazines. As it's an absolute must buy and we don't want to kill the thrill too early, we didn't scan and... [Lire la suite]

A good egg is hard to find (Odd tribute, true love)

          Hanne-Gaby Odiele @ Supreme (NY), Women (Paris), Women (Milan), Dominique (Brussels) Last night we were wondering if there is any restaurant cooking some fried eggs. Suddenly wanted some but we don't cook. We love eggs, we know it supposed to be an easy dish but don't know why we never cooked them (excepted we don't cook at all). We still have in minds parents of friends, while visiting them, saying sorry when they "just" did some eggs for lunch... A good egg these days is hard to find,... [Lire la suite]
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Cool Cast for Cool Cats

Amber Milam @ Trump (NY) Lera Sheremeta @ Supreme (NY) Paul Pavlovska @ Trump (NY) Inna Pilipenko @ Supreme (NY) Marina Panova @ Supreme (NY) It's in the latest issue of QVEST, it's by Sean & Seng and styled by the genius Tamara Rothstein (yes, the same Tamara Rothstein who styled Eugenia Vidal to perfection in a previous issue). It's featuring a thrilling bunch of models from Trump and Supreme, two agencies that put much energy in developing cool kids these months. Think of  the suprising Paul Pavlovska and Amber... [Lire la suite]
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QVEST be good to us

Living near the border, Germany has always been a wonderful and endless source for thrilling magazines and we've already featured many of them. Among our favorites, QVEST was one that never disappointed us and one of the only we have almost every issue since we've heard of it for the first time. We're in love with their castings  and the incredible styling of their fashion stories. So, when we've been asked by QVEST to make an printed article on Fashion Does It Better in the next issue, our hearts started to beat faster. ... [Lire la suite]
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Press review !

      Eugenia Vidal by Detlef Schneider, styled by Tamara Rothstein My favorite Supreme girl is in the latest issue of Qvest (the issue with Irina Lazareanu on the cover and twice in editorials). I was ecstatic in the bookshop when I discovered Eugenia was inside, I had a big, big smile and was holding the magazine in my arms the same way I would have done with a treasure. Actually I had found a treasure, she’s a treasure, a rough diamond with her heartbreaking slight smile on her face contrasting... [Lire la suite]