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Sullen Sky

      Avalon @ Ragazza Model Management (The Netherlands) It's almost Summer, right ? Not when you look outside, at least but tomorrow is June already and it should mean Summer soon. It should, things never go the way they should and that's maybe better so. Nothing in the world will ever replace the feeling of waking up in Riga in November when you just open the window... in France in May. Don't need to travel anymore. New pictures of Avalon are in a summery mood when you look at them first but turns out to be on a... [Lire la suite]
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Early Bird

Shanice @ Ragazza Model Management (The Netherlands) Keeping the mood Dutch and blond ? For now it's going to be the aesthetic of the day. Of this morning, at least as we have no clue what the afternoon could look like. But switching from Valerie's soft look and more experienced modeling to Shanice -- brand new, untouched and quite whimsical. If there is still room to explore her potential and improve her skills, the first steps are already worth a look. A close one, if you ask. Starting her career at 18-years-old with test shots... [Lire la suite]
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Modern Mythology

      Avalon @ Ragazza Model Management (The Netherlands) She looks sweet as silk and as sleek as soft but the latest pictures we got of her told us she also rocks and rolls. With a name like Avalon, it's not hard to make her a little piece in your memory. With a face like hers, it becomes even much easier and with what we know now of her modeling skills... the lovely ragazza is seeing her status rising. If you were waiting for a brand new version of the beloved "classic with a twist", Avalon is your girl.... [Lire la suite]
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Crazy, Classic, Moody, Sophistaced, Etc

Kelly @ Ragazza (The Netherlands) It's not really the first time we feature Kelly, it's most likely not the last time and she's still brand new somehow. She's one of these girls who can leave their marks everywhere and very fast. She had her little moment during the recent fashion week in Amsterdam (last news we have is her walk for Ilja Visser and LEW). Light-hearted mood then drama then light-hearted mood again then back to drama, she can embody any character and fit for any atmosphere. We've been able to gather a few... [Lire la suite]
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Development diaries: Lynn

Lynn @ Ragazza (The Netherlands) We introduced Lynn during our trip in Berlin and times were so hectic that we didn't manage to show you more than 4 pictures. Two weeks later, Summer has brought a quiet atmosphere around and even with the same crazy amount of work, we can keep our usual pace going and going. When we received some brand new snaps taken three days ago (see more on Ragazza's blog), we thought we had to drop a few lines on leggy Lynn again with a little medley of unpublished test shots.
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Meet Kelly !

  Kelly @ Ragazza Model Management (The Netherlands) Kelly is signed with Ragazza since yesterday only but she already set our hearts on fire with her unique little face and her 5'10"5 (179) leggy silhouette. So fresh, so new, so now. Something raw mixed with something extremely delicate, like a punk ballerina (truth is always in between, truth is always mixed etc.). It sounds like the usual tune but we can't get rid of that uptempo song which says... she's a model, a future cover-girl maybe and loaded with potential for... [Lire la suite]
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