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Indiamara @ IMG Loved Rodarte's outfits and casting -- especially a thrilling triad made of Juana @ NY Models, Malu @ Women Direct and the girl who's going to haunt this post: Indiamara @ IMG. Pretty atypical look for an IMG-girl and second time in a row the international powerhouse takes us by surprise this season. We were smitten by Lindsay at Alexander Wang, we almost fainted after seeing how Indiamara was perfect for Rodarte's show. The mood was quite lighter, hence the heavy need for dark/moody young ladies to enhance the... [Lire la suite]
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Look Number One

  Valerija Kelava @ Next (NY, Paris, London, Milan) Yesterday we did a close-up feature on Ursula and just thought we should also drop a few lines on Valerija again. TMSRRE number six of the season and look number one at Christopher Kane, she's definitely one we want to keep in mind right now. She caught our eyes for her dark look just before the show started for her dark, moody and sophisticated looks, pale skin and raven fringe. All in the powerful gaze, in the subtle expressions (that one above tells you perfectly) and... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 6: Valerija

        Valerija Kelava @ Next Casting at Rodarte was the best surprise of the week so far. Extended. Expensive. Several beauty types, contrasts working hand in hand, daring choices. All the ingredients were here and even if we're able to spot them one by one it still smells like magic. Just as the whole atmosphere or the styling did. First of all it was the first opportunity to see Viktoriya Sasonkina walking this season. Then, Rodarte was the place where a few girls took off. Finally. Juana Burga looked... [Lire la suite]
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Before and After

      Sofia Bartos @ Major (NY) It's a double opportunity, ten minutes before midnight. We enjoy dropping a few more lines on Sofia after her great week in New York and we're glad to post a few new pictures by Eric Guillemain who started his Before Fashion series again with a brand new blog dedicated to it. Sofia caught our eyes from show to show, almost every day with a new kick. Most thrilling was perhaps to see her walking for Rodarte - one of our favorites, season after season, always booking girls who count for... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 6: Sofia

Sofia Bartos @ Major (NY) She opens, opens, opens... including VPL and she walked Rodarte where she was just the nicest surprise withing such a gorgeous casting (Vitkoriya Sasonkina, Nimue Smit, Valeria Dmitrienko). The lady from MRA Models is making her marks in NY under the wing of Major and she was quite a natural pick for our TMSRRE. With all the oustanding Major girls we introduced lately we couldn't forget or overlook Sofia. Now we simply hope to see more of her in the coming weeks, especially in Paris (where she's signed with... [Lire la suite]
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