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Midnight Lady

        Ronja @ New York Models (NY) Midnight drama but no broken dreams so all should be fine. Next time we'll try dancing under the pale moonlight, might get better results but that's a secret for now. And totally off-topic whihc is not our goal at eleven in the morning (leaving this to next night). Topic today is Ronja by Nando Esparza. We already wrote much on Nando's work and our feelings about it so it will be Ronja in the spotlights now. And must say she totally deserves it. Met the 19-years-old young lady... [Lire la suite]
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Dimphy Janse @ NYMM Ronja Furrer@ NYMM Cora Emmanuel @ NYMM   It was bound to happen, we couldn't resist any longer to the calling charms of the Big Apple, so here we are !Besides our own special features straight from New York fashion week, we will also be documentating daily behind the scene moments from New York Models, directly on their blog.Check our first morning of blogging in New York, first moments running around the city streets and fighting against the wind, following the new readhead in town, Nastya Pindeeva, to... [Lire la suite]
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All different, all relevant

    Lorene Renard, Karin Adam, Isabella Oelz, Anna Porzuczek, Ronja Furrer @ Elite (Paris)Adama Diallo, Beata Vildzeviciute, Jen Messelier, Suzie Bird, Uliana Tikhova @ Elite (Paris) Ten of our favorite girls. At Elite and beyond the agency's borders. From Uliana or Adama we've been watching right from their starts to Lorene Renard, newly appeared on Elite's website. Including one of our darling of this season, Isabella Oelz, growing love Karin Adama and strawberry blond dark horse Beata Vildzeviciute. A strong team where... [Lire la suite]
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