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Mirte Maas @ Women (NY) The girl who holds her head in a very singular way, with that expression telling you straight ahead "I dare you to look better than I do". Or maybe that's just an impression and the power of pictures making its effect. Truth is that Mirte is one of the most incredibly lovely model in town (NY this time, London last time) who drives everybody crazy from clients to creative. It took her a couple of days only to build a tremedous book with the help of some of our favorite photographers: Maxim Repin (first... [Lire la suite]
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Marloes: mermaid and marvels

  Marloes Horst @ Next (NY) Time to discover another Marloes. We've already seen the sleek cutie from her polas as well as the Prada-girl in motion and both were impressive. Now let's share Rony Shram's vision of Marloes, also signed with Next Paris and Joy  Milan. It's like a swimsuit fairytale where she would embody the modern mermaid. Modern not only in comparison of any previous version of the fish-tail queenie, also modern as these modern faces of the fashion industry. Light-hearted, trash-free sensuality.... [Lire la suite]
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