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Meet Magdalena !

      Magdalena Karpiel @ SPP (Poland) Labeled as a rather shy young lady, Magdelana might belong to that kind who suddenly transforms in front of the camera and turns shyness into grace. Delicate features, sophistication, sensitive expressions and the whole portrait starts to shine. Magdelana (another of SPP's discoveries) is no less than 5'10"5 (179) and with her modeling-friendly silhouette and face, she's already been able to capture some attention from abroad. Deep brown eyes and a true talent... [Lire la suite]
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A Subtle Wind of Coolness

      Kinga Lukomska @ FM (London) Who doesn't run in NY next work has to rush to London. If there is no specific plan in Milan or Paris, indeed. So, good girls are slowly starting to land in british agencies now and the first nice surprises are already in town. Among them is Kinga Lukomska, big-time all-time favorite of ours and muse of photographer Sarah Moon. Kinga's got this amazing ability to refresh her look forever, making each appearance a little different from the previous one. This time we're falling for... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Olivia !

Olivia @ SPP (Poland) Not the easy-looking classic beauty but there is still something classic, timeless and obviously classy about Olivia. She's not a girl for every agency, she's the one for selective eyes. She's the epitome of beauty going out of the beaten tracks and we're always pleased to have opportunities to challenge the aesthetic boundaries. So, Olivia is one of the new faces at SPP Models in Wroclaw, Poland and apart from her unique face, she's got regular model measurements: 177 83-60-91 (5'9"5). That slightly... [Lire la suite]
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Kinga L...

Kinga Lukomska @ SPP (Poland) Here comes Kinga again. Not only here by the way. She's currently in Barcelona, with Traffic Models. She's also in the latest issue of Acne Paper in a story shot by Sarah Moon. Yes, again. She already worked with her for various other magazines and for Wunderkind's campaigns (Spring Summer 09 and Fall Winter 08-09). So, what's next and what's new? Hard to tell right now and we just told you the latest news. Some plans for sure and her future is taking shape little by little. Step by step like the... [Lire la suite]
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