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Amy Post @ SPS (The Netherlands) Easy easy, slowly yet seriously,  Amy Post is on her way to become a 5'9 (176) busy bee. Step by step, no rush required to build a lovely portfolio. Only a neverending need for quality pictutres, including good polaroids. Amy's latest batch is pretty awesome and quite different from the way she's been pictured so far. Cute little thing getting wild, like a bittersweet pop melody and the childlike empress might get decadent, she'll always remain sweet somehow. Doll looks become really interesting... [Lire la suite]
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Couture Candy

Michelle Den Hollander @ SPS (The Netherlands), Next (London, Paris) Innocent expression and fake leather leggings ? Could work and could fit for a girl who start on the right slope this season with some good spot during Couture week in Paris. Couture doesn't make a career anymore but remains a good way to test one girl's approach of the runway. You've got to be tall (she is), to walk well (she does), to look good (hell, yeah, she does more than ever). So, Couture is one of the best training ground, in a real place with real picky... [Lire la suite]
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Favors and Flavors

    Valerie Van Der Graaf @ SPS (The Netherlands) Happy (busy) Monday! Valerie is regularly featured here and we wouldn't be surprised if we decided to put her in our MUSES section one day or another. After an evolution from shy unexperienced newbie (yeah, you know the story) to a full-blossoming young lady playing with her presence on any kind of glossy paper, Valerie's career rythm finally went completely uptempo. With the kind of major materials that allows her to express like never before (see Elle Italia above), her... [Lire la suite]
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Just Post It

Amy Post @ SPS (The Netherlands) Talented cuties made our evening yesterday and did it again this morning. After Katya's first experience of London, Amy's latest editorial piece. Wait, Amy Post modeling bridal outfits ? No way, you might think (just as we did). But thuth is... yes, she can. Actually the mood of the story gets quite far from the usual imagery related to this theme and Amy looks like a teenager playing with dresses at her older sister's wedding. Interesting concept, both for the editorial itself and for the model's... [Lire la suite]
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The Future of Editorial ?

Willemijn Koppelman @ SPS (The Netherlands) You may not know or not remember but Mozart wasn't poor, Beethoven was lovable and Chopin is playing tonight in West LA. Save the date, it's now or never. On a more serious not, Vogue Italia is out for the first time this year with its bunch of sceptical buyers and blind lovers. As always. Nothing bothering. Vogue Italia and its own Steven Meisel (Vogue US also got its own Steven Meisel but it's a different one, believe it). An extended crew of models, showcased as runway divas as much... [Lire la suite]
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Soft Power

Maaike Klaasen @ SPS (The Netherlands) Peekaboo! And here comes mighty Maaike again, with fresh materials made in London (signed with Select). We were just talking about these little reasons and small details that capture our attention in a brand new face. Maaike is maybe not the newest kid in the business but still belongs to the fresh faces in the alpha-level of their career. So what's the secret(s) behind the smooth power of a girl like her ? Well, the picture above is already giving you a hint. Expressive gaze at the camera,... [Lire la suite]
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        Claire Broeders, Maaike Klaasen and Quirine van Laack @ SPS (The Netherlands) Craziness. Or how to revisit the ways to be crazy on a fashion shoot. Jalouse did it for its last issue of the year and did it well, making the whole magazine more attractive again. We've been missing a little those features with new girls doing their first steps even if this year brought us a couple of good editorials in Jalouse. Without going back to its old-school vibe, we're glad to feel it looks true to itself and its... [Lire la suite]
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Playing games under the pouring rain

        Tessa Westerhof @ SPS (The Netherlands) Shadows and lights, sorrows and delights... the way things are going all the time. But Tessa's pictures seem to tell another story, less contrasted and showing harmony on every piece. Where the secret is ? Serene features or Yorick Nubé's inimitable way to catch that kind of vibe ? Something halfway, as always. We ended last week with Yorick's New York pictures of Jasmine and start this new one with some Dutch diamonds from his portfolio. Two worlds, two moods yet... [Lire la suite]
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Growing and Glowing

    Valerie Van De Graaf @ SPS (The Netherlands) It's just a short update but still a milestone in Valerie's career. Needless to repeat the whole story again, we've been featuring her once per week lately and you might get our point on a shy girl who recently started to blossom. In front of cameras and everywhere else. Interesting fact arrived from Paris where she shot with photographer Jonathan Segade (nice to feature his work again!) . For many girl, many models and especially blond ones, this styling and atmosphere... [Lire la suite]
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Just can't stop (all around the world)

Valerie Van Der Graaf @ SPS (The Netherlands) We already told you the story. The young and shy Valerie who, little by little yet faster than expected, turned into a true model using hundred percent of her potential. We already told you but, as in every beautiful story, a brand new and as much beautiful chapter is getting written again. After making her (strong) marks in towns like Paris and especially Milan, Valerie is rocking London (with Select) with the same might. Blond hair and thick brown eyebrows work everywhere, sweet and... [Lire la suite]
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