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Let Us See and We'll Give You Thunders

Don't you worry a single bit, we're in heavy talk for the next new face (sorry for the potential disappointment, both of them are already placed but we can't fight against Günstagram, we are old and irrelevant every now and then) but for now (and even for then) it's time for those we like. Weekend is looking at us, so does beer and cheap salty stuff not to get too nervous. One is the epitome of our muses, the other is getting her spot in our heaven at the moment. Both share one thing (or two) – they are represented by Women in NYC... [Lire la suite]
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No Paraquat

Where a bit like Paul and Joe, except that neither Paul nor Joe does actually exist and we do, even if we are bloody twisted chameleons – sometimes we dance to remember, sometimes to forget (thank you, the ones soaring above and around). On blue days we feel like repeating ourselves, on blue-skyed ones we feel like sharing our tastes, full flavors on. So, Sam (Rollinson, who else) is back again on our page and shows an unknown side of her beauty in Harper's Bazaar (Korea), captured playing with plants by Nick Hudson. White... [Lire la suite]
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Love Still Lives Here Anymore

We were looking for this from the moment we saw her cover on. The most mysterious model of her era finally scores an editorial that suits her beauty the right way (well, german Harper's has done it too but that's way too light and we dislike being that underwhelmed). Sam Rollinson has that little thing able to create a big storm inside your brain, out of a lonely rainbow, seems so easy to say yet remains pretty unique when you think of it. Oxy-love we have for her, oxy-brains she leaves behind – we said mysterious and mean... [Lire la suite]
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