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They all say, they all say, they say nothing, and let the same story go its very own way. They talk, smile, eat and say hello, then goodbye. Gimme gum, gimme gum, gimme another life of bum, if you may want. You don't. I smoke cigars in the waiting room, I smoke my soul when the doctor comes to tell me I'm almost dead. I'm just almost. Not dead. I still eat, I eat hardcore dreams. I still drink, water and wine. My heart sucks. Here is Sasha, no need to say Pivovarova (and Anja Rubik who is nicer in a restaurant in Paris than... [Lire la suite]
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Diavola Ice-Cream

We took another slice, slept away, took another slice, another train, arrived on lemon grass, in a godforsaken station wishing we were in Paris, to suck all the glitz and glam of a part of the world, but no. High on the sidewalk, high on whatever powder, whatever hay, whatever liquid, we seriously didn't know and never will. Plastic bags are the sexiest thing on earth and we'll never know the taste of it, if you caress it, you may rest in peace, with chance. We are megakult, we drive too fast, we passed the lights, red or green,... [Lire la suite]
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Let's Dance (In A Brand New World)

    Sasha Pivovarova @ IMG That's been the topic of almost all day. Let's dance and have some joy. No way to keep brewing the same old thoughts back and forth, from east to west and melt them in a crazy mix. Just light as bubbles, because we all need such feeling from time to time. And those are probably the pictures that bring this idea to life, bright fluorescent mood, somewhere between a recent past and close future, a moment dedicated to the instant without thoughts (or afterthoughts, or regrets, or plans, or... [Lire la suite]
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I'm just drawn like that

from Numéro 86by Camilla Akrans styled by Franck Benhamoumodel: Sasha Pivovarova
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