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Wanted: Trine

      Trine Hyldtoft @ Scoop (Denmark) Another day, another Dane... would have been our title two days ago as we first planned to feature Trine right after Nina earlier this week. We're never able to stick to the initial schedule we fix on Sundays and Mondays, though. We can't think of our updates as a monolithic whole to post all over the week. Plus showtime force us somehow to live like there were no tomorrow and every evening has a taste of end of the world. In a positive way. No sleepless nights but... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Sofie !

Sofie Schwensen @ Scoop Models (Denmark) Clap your hands and say Sofie. She's cute and freckly and even beyond both. Just the kind we like, going through some little motion, through some raw snap shots and flower-printed top to end up as one our featured faces of the day. We love the poses and the shape of her eyes. We like the potential and its promises. We think it was the right timing to make her a favorite or at least a precious dark horse for the next seasons to come. Looking for her, looking to it, looking at Denmark once... [Lire la suite]
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Today's Scoop : meet Alex !

Alex was the next sensation at AL Models after Asia's arrival at the very beginning of 2008. She's already shot a story with Maxim Repin and we were eagerly waiting for some news from AL. Finally the scoop came from Scoop Models in Denmark where she's also signed (thanks our dear friend for the tip !) and has filled her book there with fantastic polaroids. Mesmerizing. Haunting. She might write her own chapter in this new model story which has begun earlier this year with names like Barbora Dvorakova and Morgane Edwards.... [Lire la suite]
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