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Meet Elena !

      Elena Weidemann @ Seeds (Berlin) She just reached our email inbox two days ago and we're simply impressed. So fresh, half-classic and half-cute. Count Elena among the new generation of beauties at Seeds. And the new Seeds of today are young sprouts for tomorrow. At 17 and 5'11 (180 81-57-89) she's got the model measurements to make sure to be noticed. Because not being overlooked seems easy for her. She expresses and she impresses. She's fashion and smashion, she's subtle, she's slender, she's sublime. What... [Lire la suite]
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Spread those wings you don't have

Magdalena Fiolka @ Eastern (Poland) Magdalena has been featured here a few times already and will probably featured again (and again). She was also one of our Lexposed Faces and she's a true Amica-girl. Does this all mean she's one of our favorites ? Obviously yes. From d'management in Milan to Elite Paris via Ford NY, we've been following whatever she did wherever she went. With our train tickets booked now, we're preparing for our trip in Berlin and truly hope to see Magdalena there as well. She's already in town with Seeds... [Lire la suite]
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Wanted: Maria

      Maria Romero @ Seeds (Berlin) Sweet sixteen and from Brasilia, Maria is also the current darling at Seeds Management in Berlin. We couldn't tell what exactly turned her into the favorite of the moment but we have a few ideas and you might agree. First, Maria has got we we could call charm. Second, Maria is the epitome of the cool brunette, both laid-back and openly dramatic. Third, she's got unique features but enough sweetness to balance the strength of that look. Is that enough to be the sweetheart of the... [Lire la suite]
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Katrin, Lexposure's darlin'

                Katrin Thormann @ Premier (London) A few more than two weeks ago, a little less than three weeks ago, we featured Katrin Thormann on including her latest work for Interview (by favorite photographer in making, Anthony Maule) and V Magazine (by Mario Testino). We were smitten once again by the genius and geniune talents of a model who's moving while morphing. No matter if it's colorful and explosive or simply black and white, focused on her character(s), Katrin... [Lire la suite]
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Dazed etc.

Katrin Thormann @ Seeds (Germany), Premier (London), Women (Milan) We're all dazed and all confused. We're all in love with Katrin Thormann. Crazy about dark lipstick and fake ears, about cheekbones and strawberry-blond beauty, about writings on the wall and gimmicky titles. We just couldn't agree more with the title of that mail freshly arrived in our box: A star is born. Champagne rosé tonight. Cheers.
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